Favorite Recipes Box

for  Craft Marketing Connections

size: 5-1/2"x6"x9"

  • Favorite Recipes Box
  • Inside View Box


  • Wooden canister or wooden box with lid, 5-1/2”x6”x9”
  • The Paper Company/TPC Studio So Delish Collection: 12”x12” paper: one “Toast”, one “Utensils”, four “Stripe”
  • Recipe cards
  • Chipboard alphabet stickers
  • Rub-on transfers, in sentiments of choice
  • Fabric-covered buttons
  • Ribbon
  • File folder
  • Photos of family, 3-1/2” squares


  • Design Master: Color Tool Spray Color: Chocolate Brown; Spray Primer
  • X-ACTO Products: 12” rotary paper trimmer, 6” precision tip scissors, 12” metal ruler
  • Elmer's Products: CraftBond: glue tape runner, extra-strength glue stick, foam mounting tape

Basic Supplies

  • newspapers, cloth rags, sandpaper, white copy paper, pencil, fine line permanent marker
  • 1. Lightly sand box and lid. On covered work surface, apply two coats primer on inside and outside of wooden box and lid. Let dry. Apply two or three light coats of Chocolate Brown on box and lid. Let dry. Distress wood by lightly sanding edges of base of box and lid.
  • 2. Measure height of box. Use rotary trimmer to cut Stripe paper (blue side) same-size as box height. Wrap and use glue stick to glue Stripe paper around box.
  • 3. Measure top of lid. Use rotary trimmer to cut Utensils (red side) same-size as box lid. Use glue stick to glue paper on lid. Cut 4"x7" Toast (yellow side) rectangle; glue rectangle on lower left corner. Cut 2"x9" Stripe rectangle; glue rectangle horizontally across lid. Use glue tape runner to attach ribbon vertically on left side. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply rub-on sentiment onto matte board sticker. Use foam mounting tape to attach sticker on top of ribbon, aligning with Stripe paper strip. Glue three buttons on top area of Toast paper.
  • 4. For front of box, use rotary trimmer to cut 2-3/4"x8" Utensils (red side) rectangle. Use glue stick to glue rectangle, 1" from top edge of box front. Cut 2-1/2"x7-1/2" Stripe rectangle; glue rectangle on bottom edge of Utensils paper. Use chipboard letters to spell "Recipes" on top left of box. Apply "Recipes" onto box using foam mounting tape. Apply rub-on transfer onto matte board sticker; use foam mounting tape to attach sticker onto back of box. Position sticker on top of ribbon ends and fabric button below ribbon.
  • 5. Write recipes on recipe cards. For dividers, use pencil to lightly trace recipe card onto blue side of Stripe paper. Place file folder on top of tracing, aligning top edges; trace around tab. Repeat to make other dividers, staggering position of tab each time. Use marker to print recipe category on each tab. Use tape runner to attach family photos onto each divider.