Diva Queen Wall Plaque

By  Cassandra Midkiff 

size: 2-3/4"x7"

  • Diva Queen Wall Plaque


  • Wooden craft board, 2-3/4"x7"
  • Papers: turquoise gothic shapes (The Paper Studio, Hobby Lobby); dark pink; pale green
  • Illustration board
  • Vintage book page with word "Queen" (or computer-generated text)
  • Vintage images: moon; nude lady
  • German Dresden foil items: mint green trim; gold crown
  • Chipboard "diva" letters
  • Light pink seam binding
  • Fuchsia jumbo chenille stem or marabou trim
  • Forget-me-not blossoms: light pink; fuchsia
  • Pearl stamens, three
  • Swarovski Elements flat-backed rhinestones (Swarovski)
  • Sequined stars
  • Assorted small crystal and pearl beads


  • Folk Art Baby Pink Acrylic Paint (Plaid)
  • Brown pigment ink pad
  • Black fine-tip permanent pen
  • Barbara Trombley's Art Glitter (Art Institute Glitter): Miss Muffet; Seashell; Mystery; Silver micro beads
  • Sharp detail scissors
  • Wooden toothpick
  • Small hand drill with bit
  • Craft knife
  • Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue (iLoveToCreate)
  • 1. Glue turquoise paper to board; trim excess with craft knife. Paint back of board pink; let dry.
  • 2. Tear two pieces of pink paper to create "land" at bottom of board; sponge ink over edges. Glue to board.
  • 3. Drill two tiny holes at top of board for ends of chenille stem hanger.
  • 4. Draw several strands of seaweed working their way up board. Paint leaves pink; let dry. Apply glue over leaves and sprinkle with Miss Muffet glitter; tap off excess.
  • 5. Cut out moon image and glue to board; let dry. Apply glue over moon with finger and sprinkle with Seashell glitter; let dry. Use toothpick and paint to create pink underwater "bubbles" going up board; let dry. Randomly glue sequined stars to board.
  • 6. Cut out vintage lady from her torso up. Place lady over pale green paper and freehand a mermaid tail and crown, using photo as a guide. Cut out pieces; sponge ink over edges. Glue photo over top of tail; glue crown over top of head. Apply glue over torso with finger and sprinkle with Miss Muffet glitter; let dry.
  • 7. Cut out word "Queen" in shape of tail fin; sponge ink over edges. Glue fin to back of tail. Glue two rhinestones to crown.
  • 8. Cut two small strips of illustration board and glue to back of torso and head for dimension; glue mermaid to board.
  • 9. Apply glue over chipboard letters and sprinkle with Mystery glitter; let dry. Glue letters to board; use rhinestone to dot "I".
  • 10. Apply light coat of pink paint to Dresden crown and wipe away excess with paper towel, allowing some gold to show through. Glue crown to board; add rhinestone to center. Glue Dresden trim along bottom of board.
  • 11. Embellish board with flowers, rhinestones, stamens, silver micro beads and dangling beads, and more glitter as desired.
  • 12. Cut chenille stem length and wrap ends through holes in board to create hanger. Tie seam binding bow over one end of hanger.