Americana Fabric Frame

for  Craft Marketing Connections

size: 11"x14"

  • Americana Fabric Frame


  • Black on Black Foam Board (Elmer's), 1/2" thick, 20"x30"
  • Americana fabrics (five coordinating prints): 1/2 yd. (for frame); 1/4 yd. (for each star); red, 1/4 yd. (for edges of stars)
  • Photo (sepia tone optional), 4"x6"


  • X-Acto items (Elmer's): Rotary Paper Trimmer; Gripster Knife (with new blade); Self Healing Cutting Mat
  • Craft Bond Extra Strength Glue Stick (Elmer's)
  • Acrylic ruler
  • Paper clip (for hanger)
  • Optional: Paper scrap, 4"x6"

Pattern - Americana Fabric Frame

  • 1. Place foam board on cutting mat and use X-Acto knife and acrylic ruler to cut an 11"x14" piece. Quick Tip: Score lightly first then press more firmly to cut deeper, with several passes of the knife. Replace blades often. Draw and cut a 3-1/2"x5-1/2" frame opening at top right corner, 1" in from edges of foam board. Print pattern. Use X-Acto knife and cutting mat to cut stars from foam board.
  • 2. With right side of frame on wrong side of fabric, cut fabric 1" beyond edge of frame. Turn over frame, apply glue stick to right side and center onto wrong side of fabric. Starting on one long side, apply glue near edge of frame and pull fabric around to back of frame. Continue gluing sides always working on opposite ends, folding in fabric at corners. Use scissors to cut slit in fabric over center of photo opening in frame and cut excess fabric leaving 1" of fabric to fold and glue to back of frame. V-notch fabric in all corners for ease in folding and gluing fabric.
  • 3. Lay right side of foam board star on wrong side of fabric and cut fabric 1" beyond edge of star. Turn over star and apply glue stick to right side and center onto wrong side of fabric. Fold and glue star edges in same way as frame edges, V-notching fabric in all corners for ease in folding and tucking and gluing points. Similarly cut and glue fabric to other two stars. Cut remaining red fabric into 1/2" strips and glue to star sides. Layer stars and glue to front of frame according to photo.
  • 4. Attach photo and scrap piece of paper to back of frame using glue stick. Using X-Acto knife, make a small slit at the center top back of frame. Slightly separate curved ends of paper clip so that ends are about 1/4" apart. Insert shorter rounded end of paper clip up into slit creating a hanger loop with other end. (Note: Glue if hanger is loose.)