End of the Rainbow Mobile

By  Linda Valentino 

size: 10"

  • End of the Rainbow Mobile


  • Fibre-Craft White Craft Foam
  • Fibre-Craft Fuzzy Stix: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red
  • White string
  • Gold plastic coins, six


  • Forster Hand Drill
  • White fine glitter
  • Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pencil, ruler

Pattern - End of the Rainbow Mobile

  • 1. Print out patterns. Cut patterns from white foam.
  • 2. Apply thin coat of glue onto three small clouds and cover with glitter. Shake off excess. Glue glitter clouds onto larger clouds.
  • 3. Glue red fuzzy stix on top of foam arch. Repeat with orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. When dry, if any white foam shows, trim with scissors. Glue clouds on ends of rainbow.
  • 4. Use small hand drill to make hole in top of each coin. Cut six 7" string lengths and thread length through each hole on coin; knot ends. Glue strings on back of clouds, adjusting to about 2", 3", and 4-1/2" from bottom edge of clouds. Trim string ends.
  • 5. Cut 14" string length and glue on back of rainbow. Loop end to hang.