Callie the Cow

By  Sandy Rollinger 

size: 12"x12"

  • Callie the Cow


  • Recycled box, 8" tall
  • Craft foam or construction paper: black, white, yellow, pink, tan, red glitter
  • Large wiggle eyes, two
  • Ribbon, 10" length


  • White acrylic paint
  • Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, newspapers (to cover work surface), craft stick, sponge brush, clothespins, black marker

Pattern - Callie the Cow

  • 1. Remove lid. Paint sides of box and back with white craft paint. Let dry.
  • 2. Cut from white foam: one 7-1/2"x4-3/4" oval (head); two 1-1/2"x2" teardrops (ears); two 1-1/2"x2-1/2" strips (front legs); one 10"x2" strip (back legs).
  • 3. Cut from black foam: one 1-1/2"x2-1/2" strip (hair); two 1-1/2" squares (front hooves); two 2" squares (back hooves). Cut notches along strip and also out of each hoof.
  • 4. Cut out two smaller teardrop shapes (for inside ears) and 4"x2" oval (nose) from pink craft foam.
  • 5. Print out pattern. Cut bell from yellow foam, horn from tan foam, and heart from red glitter foam. Outline all shapes with black marker. Cut two smaller hearts (nostrils) from red glitter foam.
  • 6. Glue nose, eyes, and heart nostrils on head. Glue inner ears into ears and ears onto back of head. Glue horns above ears. Glue hair on head. Use clothespins to hold in place until dry.
  • 7. Trace box front onto white foam (for body). Outline edges with marker. Glue body on front of box.
  • 8. Glue ribbon onto top of body. Glue head on top of body.
  • 9. Glue each hoof on each leg. Glue back leg strip onto back of box. Glue front legs onto front of box. Glue heart on bell and bell on center of body.
  • 10. Cut several rounded shapes for spots from black foam and glue randomly on body.