Walter the Whale Mailbox

By  Beth Watson 

size: 10" tall

  • Walter the Whale


  • Recycled cereal box
  • Fibre-Craft Creative Hands Craft Foam, 9"x12": grey, two; aqua, light green
  • Wiggle eyes, two


  • Markers: black, turquoise, bright green
  • Aleene's Adhesives: Fun Craft Foam Glue, Original Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler

Pattern - Walter the Whale

  • 1. Print out patterns. Transfer patterns onto craft foam; cut out. Apply foam glue onto back of pattern pieces.
  • 2. Cut top flaps from box. Position body pattern on side of box. Use scissors to cut curved area from box. Measure and mark line 8" from bottom of box. Cut top portion, above line, from box.
  • 3. Measure and cut two 2-1/4"x8" from grey craft foam. Adhere rectangles and body pieces onto sides of box using foam glue.
  • 4. Adhere waves and fish on bottom of box using foam glue.
  • 5. Use black marker to draw mouth and water hole. Adhere wiggle eyes above mouth on either side of box using tacky glue. Adhere water spurts above water hole using foam glue.
  • 6. Use turquoise marker to draw swirls on water and by water hole.
  • 7. Use bright green marker to add details on fish. Write name on center fish.
  • 8. Insert Valentines in top of mailbox.
  • Tip
  • 1. For a budget-friendly classroom project, substitute construction paper for craft foam.