Dollar Store Animal Book Ends

Customize your child's room with affordable toy animals painted to match their room. Use them as decor or book ends!
By  Beth Watson  



  • Plastic animals or toy cars
  • Wooden plaques 


  • Design Master Colortool Spray Paint: Robins Egg, Olive Bright
  • Tacky glue 

basic supplies

  • Painter’s tape
  • Newspaper or large piece of cardboard

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Project Instructions

1. Place plastic animals and plaques on newspaper or cardboard in a well ventilated area. Spray two plaques and two animals Olive Bright; let dry. Spray two animals and two plaques Robins Egg, let dry.

2. Apply adhesive under the feet of each animal. Place Olive Bright animals on Robins Egg plaques and secure with painter’s tape. Repeat with Robins Egg animals and Olive Bright plaques. Let dry overnight.

3. Remove painter’s tape and display.