Clothespin Photo Display

This inexpensive DIY embroidery hoop photo display makes it easy to update new photos for everyone to see!



  • Wood embroidery hoops in graduated sizes, three
  • Small wood clothespins
  • Printed photographs


  • Wood stain
  • Wire
  • Adhesive

Basic supplies 

  • scissors

1. Remove inner embroidery hoop insert and stain hoops in desired color. Stain clothespins as well. Let dry.

2. Cut 9” lengths of wire and wrap wire around embroidery hoop 3-4 times and let excess wire hang down. Add a dab of adhesive to secure wrapped wire. Repeat so that each hoop has 3-4 wires for stability.

3. Assemble three hoops by wrapping excess hanging wires onto the next smallest embroidery hoop as shown. Make sure wires are even so that the photo display is balanced. Adhere clothespins evenly spaced on outer embroidery hoops. Let dry.

4. Clip in photographs and hang.