Seashell Display Frame

By  Linda Valentino 



Square gift boxes, 3½”, two

Blue craft foam, 11½”x6½”

Shells for display, four

Orange ribbon, ½”x18”

Tan cording or jute, 24”

White ribbon, 1/8”x7”



DecoArt Americana True Blue Acrylic paint 

API’s Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate glue 





Fine line black marker 


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Seashell Display Frame Pattern

1. Print full-size patterns and cut from craft foam. Outline edges of foam and around openings with marker as shown.

2. Remove lids from square gift boxes. Paint inside bottoms True Blue. 

3. Cut two 12” pieces of cording. Refer to diagram to tie figure eight in center of cords. Adhere knot between openings in foam as shown. Place 9” orange ribbon above and below cords, wrap ribbons behind foam and adhere.

4. Run bead of adhesive on box rims and adhere to frame. Make sure boxes are centered in frame openings; let dry. Turn frame over and adhere ends of white ribbon to sides of top box for hanger. Generously adhere shells into boxes as shown.


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