CD Display Tower

By  PLA Schneider for DecoArt 



  • CDs, seven 
  • Wooden spools: 2¼”, three; 2”, two 
  • Wooden balls, ten 



  • Americana Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint: Shrimp, Orange Sherbet, Pink Tropics, Deep Turquoise, Coastal Waters, Chartreuse
  • Paint brushes: #¾ flat brush, #10 flat brush
  • Eclectic Products E6000 Industrial Adhesive 



  • Palette
  • Container of water
  • Paper towels

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Project Instructions

1. Paint four CDs Shrimp, Orange Sherbet and Pink Tropics or any combination of your choice using #¾ flat. Let dry. Paint contrasting color around CD perimeter. For smaller tower, paint three CDs Coastal Waters, Deep Turquoise and Chartreuse.

2. Paint three wooden spools Shrimp with #¾ flat. For smaller tower, paint two wooden spools Coastal Waters.

3. Adhere CDs and wooden spools together as shown using E6000 adhesive.  For bigger CD tower, place fourth CD on top. 

4. Paint five wooden balls Shrimp with ¾” flat for tall tower. For smaller tower, paint five wooden balls Coastal Waters. 

5.  Adhere four wooden balls to bottom of tower and one on top as shown.

Paint towers in colors of your choice to match a bedroom or playroom — a rainbow-colored tower would be fun! Be sure to use multi-surface satins as a basic acrylic paint will not adhere properly to the CDs. You can make a tower up to 7 CDs high — anything higher will be unstable and topple over too easily.