Tinted Goodie Baskets

Purchase new or repurpose natural baskets using TintIT spray in festive holiday colors! Fill with themed goodies such as Ladies Coffee Break or Man Cave Stash! You can even spray cardstock to make matching gift tags!
By  Craft Marketing Connections Inc.  

10"x10"x16", 10"x11"x7"


  • Natural baskets: 10”x10”x12”, 10”x11”x13”
  • FloraCraft Make It: Fun Foam Blocks, 2”x4”x12”, two
  • White cardstock, 5½”x8½” 
  • Wired fuzzy cord, 16”: red, green
  • Gift items


  • Design Master TintIT Transparent Spray Dye: Strawberry, Chartreuse
  • Hole punch, ¼”   
  • Glue gun and sticks 

basic supplies

  • Old newspapers
  • Cardboard box for spraying
  • Permanent fine line marker 
  • Scissors 
  • Serrated knife
  • Painter’s tape

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Project Instructions

1. Cover handles and top rims with painter’s tape. Crumple newspaper to fill insides of baskets and use painter’s tape to hold newspapers in place.

2. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area or inside cardboard box, lightly spray one basket with as many coats of Strawberry TintIT needed to achieve desired color. Let dry. Repeat for second basket with Chartreuse TintIT and let dry.


3. Remove tape and newspapers from baskets. For gift tags, cut cardstock in half, spray each with coordinating TintIT color and let dry. Cut spray-painted cardstock to 2½”x4”. Trim corners on one short end and punch hole through center. Use permanent marker to write message. Thread fuzzy cord through hole and tie to basket, making a bow. Repeat with other sprayed piece to make other tag.

4. Use serrated knife to cut foam blocks in half. Place foam blocks in bottoms of baskets to build height of items in basket. Fill baskets with paper crimps and position gift items, adjusting foam blocks underneath as needed.