Cottage Hanging Rack

By  Gretchen Sell   for  Design Master



Design Master Ubermatte Wisteria 557


Pine wood slat, 36”x7¼”x¾”


Wood die cut circle trim in various colors, four


Wood trim in different patterns, 36”, two


Drawer pulls in various styles, four


Drill and drill bits
Needle nose pliers
Hack saw
Picture-hanging kit
Wood adhesive



Old candle
Sand paper
Nitrile or latex gloves
Paper towels 

1. Layout die cut wood and placement of knobs on wood slat as shown and mark with pencil. Mark centers of wood die cuts for drilling.

2. Use drill bit the size of knob screw stem and drill hole to marked centers of wood die cut. Use same drill bit to drill hole for each knob placement on wood slat.

3.Turn wood slat over to its backside.  With a larger drill bit drill a counter sink the depth of a nut to keep the backside of the shelf flush when screwing the nut on the knob stem.

4. Sand edges of wood slat to soften edges and remove sanding dust.

5. Rub desired areas of wood edges with old candle to create worn effect.  The wax will be removed later to reveal raw wood under the paint.

6. Spray wood slat with Wisteria. Apply 2-3 coats, allowing each coat to dry between applications.  Raw wood is porous and may take additional coats.

7. Wipe away wax to reveal underlying wood. Holding can 15” away, mist Wisteria lightly over exposed wood to soften the contrast.

8. Spray wood trims in Wisteria, let dry.  Wrap index finger with paper towel and spray Wisteria onto tip. Immediately wipe away color in select areas for washed effect and to highlight trim details. Repeat to achieve desired look. Adhere wood trims in place as shown.  

9. If knob screws go beyond wood slat thickness, cut down knob screw stems.  Measure the cut by inserting knob through die cut trim then place on the edge of the wood slat. Mark off excess screw stem with tape and cut excess stem with the hacksaw.

10. Insert knob stems through wood die cuts and into predrilled holes. Screw nut over stem on the backside. Attach picture-hanging kit on backside.


The trim detail can also be highlighted by rubbing a paper towel soaked with Design Master MESS MASTER or acetone over the desired areas. 


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