Vintage Halloween Topiaries

Set the mood for your Halloween haunt with the nostalgic style of these appealingly ominous topiaries. Just cut out your choice of spooky shapes from foam sheets and decorate with paint, ribbons, and a few menacing cobwebs. Lightweight and sturdy these floating figures are frighteningly easy to create!
By  Dondi Richardson  

Bat: 22”x44”; Cat: 12”x20”; Jack O’Lantern: 9.5”x28”


  • FloraCraft Make It: Fun Foam: Sheet, 2”x12”x36”; Discs, 8”, six; Cubes, 5”, five
    Wood dowels, ¾”: 9”, 16” and 24” Lengths
    Black poster board
    Fabric scraps in coordinating colors
    Sequin pins 


  • Make It: Fun Foam Tools
    FloraCraft Smooth Finish
  • Paintbrushes
  • Acrylic paint: black, white, yellow, orange and off white
  • Hand saw
  • Serrated knife
  • Low-temp glue gun and sticks 

Basic Supplies 

  • Scissors
  • Fine grit sandpaper

1. Print and cut out templates here: Cat, Bat, Jack O’ Lantern. Trace templates onto foam sheet and cut out shapes using serrated knife.

Step 1 - Making Halloween Decorations Topiaries

2. Use scrap pieces of foam as sanding blocks. Sand edges of shapes smooth and slightly rounded. 

Step 2 - Making Halloween Decorations Topiaries

3. Use scribe tool to indent areas around pumpkin eyes, nose, and mouth. Repeat to indent grooves at top of pumpkin, pumpkin stem and cat ears. 

4. Form small scraps of foam into rounded half balls and adhere to pumpkin’s face for cheeks.

5.  To create stands, cut one cube in half with serrated knife. For tallest stand, adhere two cubes stacked together and adhere one half cube on top of the two.  For middle sized stand, adhere other half cube on top of another cube.  The last cube is for the smallest stand.  Bevel corners of all cubes by cutting off 1” flat edge on each corner.  Use serrated knife to cut a 4” wide flat edge off four sides of each disc. Adhere discs to tops and bottoms of cubes, being sure to line up the flat edge of the disc with the flat side of the cube.

Step 3 - Making Halloween Decorations Topiaries    Step 4 - Making Halloween Decorations Topiaries

6.  Apply Smooth Finish to all foam parts to completely cover.  Once dry, sand smooth and apply second coat.  Sand smooth again once dry and set aside.

Step 5 - Making Halloween Decorations Topiaries

7.  Paint stands, dowels, cat and bat black and let dry.  Paint indented areas of pumpkin grooves, eyes, nose, mouth and stem black. Let dry. Paint face on cat and bat as shown and paint pumpkin off white. Use smaller brush to apply a little off white paint over top of black indented areas and the stem using a dry brushing technique to give a distressed look. Dry brush a little orange paint around the mouth, cheeks and face of pumpkin to highlight. 

Step 6 - Making Halloween Decorations Topiaries

8. Cut out wings from poster board following the template.  Cut out an 8” circle from the poster board and cut a spiral pattern into the 8” circle.  Adhere wings on the back of the bat. 

9. Firmly insert dowels 2” into the bottom of the heads making sure they are straight.  Remove dowels.  Firmly insert dowels straight into tops of stands about 3”.  Adhere dowels in place in stands and adhere shapes to dowel tops.  Adhere paper spiral cascading down the tallest dowel.

10. Tear strips of fabric and tie around tops of dowels to embellish. 

Step 7 - Making Halloween Decorations Topiaries

*Tip: Once the Smooth Finish is dry, use a wet sponge to “sand” out the finish.  This wet sanding technique eliminates the messy dust of dry sanding.