Painted Tassels

Decorate and hang these tassels anywhere around your home for an added flair.
By  Gigi Wright-Shattler 

size varies


  • Wood tassel top or wood candle cups, 3¼”x2¼”  
  • Decorative yarn of choice, one skein
  • Beaded ribbon 
  • String in coordinating color, 15” 


  • Masterson Sta-wet Palette 
  • Royal Langnickel Short Handle Paintbrushes: Soft Grip Taklon Brush: #10/0 Liner, #1 Liner, #6 Filbert, #6 Chisel Blender, 3/8” Angle Shader, #10 Flat; Rsandy Sandy’s Sure Stroke
  • Decoart Americana Acrylics: Primary Yellow, Bleached Sand, Snow White, Dioxazine Purple, Wild Orchid, Wisteria, Red Violet, Green Mist, Antique Teal
  • Dura Clear Glossy Varnish
  • Glue gun and sticks 

basic supplies

  • Pencil and transfer paper
  • Container of water
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

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Project Instructions

1. Base large middle section of wooden tassel top Bleached Sand with #10 Flat. Base large round knob Wild Orchid and base two flat sections Green Mist. Let dry.

2. Print full-size patterns here. Use transfer paper and pencil to transfer basic outlines onto wood tassel top four times all around. If using a different size tassel top, adjust pattern accordingly. Paint wide comma strokes Wisteria to fill in petals of Pansy flower using Sandy’s Sure Stroke. Paint wider line Green Mist for flower stem using #1 liner.

3. Float Red Violet on top and bottom of white section next to green sections using 3/8” angle shader. Using same brush, float Antique Teal along topside of bottom green section. Paint vertical lines Antique Teal around top green section using  3/8” angle shader. Paint crosshatches Red Violet using 10/0 liner along top and bottom of white section. Begin by painting straight lines all in same direction and complete by reversing direction of straight lines as shown. Float Dioxazine Purple using  3/8” angle shader to separate petals of Pansy flower. Pull straight lines out from center onto lower petals with Dioxazine Purple using 10/0 liner. Using same brush, paint center of flower Primary Yellow with short strokes.
4. Repeat to paint pattern all around wooden tassel top. Line outside of crosshatching with Green Mist as shown and paint middle line Antique Teal but not all the way across. Paint checks on bottom green section Antique Teal using #6 Chisel Blender. Paint one check then leave a space the width of the brush and paint another, continue across entire row. Start next row in space between upper checks. Keep spaces even. Use liner brush to clean up any edges.

5. Line right side of flower stem Antique Teal. Paint two small comma strokes White in upper center of flower. Load Sandy’s Sure Stroke with Green Mist and tip end Antique Teal to paint two strokes for leaves below flower as shown. Paint three small strokes Red Violet using Sandy’s Sure Stroke on top of knob all around. Paint one dot Bleached Sand at bottom where three strokes come together. Paint dots Dioxazine Purple on lower side of top green section and paint dots Wisteria on top side of top green section as shown. Let dry.
6. Apply one coat of Dura Clear Glossy Varnish all over and let dry. 
7. Loosely wrap yarn around 8”x4” piece of cardboard. When satisfied with tassel size, tie string around one end of yarn and knot to secure. Remove yarn from cardboard, tie bundle around topside and cut through yarn at opposite end to create tassel.
8. Attach beaded ribbon around inside of wooden tassel top. Turn piece upside down and feed string from tassel through top hole. Apply hot glue at top of yarn tassel and adhere inside wooden tassel top. Loop string to create hanging and create a knot at the base of string loop.