Jungle Animals Coat Hanger & Tissue Box

By  Gloria Uhler  for  Testors Corp.

size: 14"x10"

  • Jungle Animals Coat Hanger & Tissue Box
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  • White wooden plaque, 14”x10”
  • Brainerd Lavender Round Daisy Cabinet Knob, 1-1/2”, three
  • Tissue box form


  • Testors Aztek Airbrush System and Airbrushable Opaque Acrylic Paints: Green, Red, Brown, White, Copper, Yellow, Black, Blue, Orange
  • Testors CREATEFX Glosscote Lacquer Top Coat Spray
  • Stencils: Martha Stewart Crafts Tendrils Laser-Cut Stencils, Designer Stencils Jungle Animals Cake Side Stencil
  • Liner paintbrush
  • Hand drill and bit
  • Repositionable spray adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • permanent black marker, paper towels, painter’s tape, rubbing alcohol
  • Coat Hanger
  • 1. Drill three evenly-spaced holes along bottom edge of plaque. Center first hole and drill other two holes 2" from side edges.

    Photo 1
  • 2. Draw horizontal line across plaque 1-1/2" from bottom edge to line up bottom edge of stencils using black marker. Position giraffe stencil 1" from left edge of plaque.

    Photo 2
  • 3. Mask off everything but giraffe with painter's tape and paper. Airbrush giraffe Yellow.

    Photo 3

    Photo 4
  • 4. Mask off everything but lion's head and airbrush Copper. Mask off everything but lion's body and airbrush Brown.

    Photo 5

    Photo 6
  • 5. Flip stencil over and position giraffe stencil 1" from right edge. Mask off everything but giraffe and airbrush Red.

    Photo 7
  • 6. Center Zebra stencil between the lion and giraffe. Mask off everything but zebra and airbrush Black.

    Photo 8
  • 7. Create two shades of green paint for leaves and vines. Add tiny bit of Red with Green in one mix and more Red to another mix for darker shade. Apply adhesive to leaf stencil back. Center stencil along plaque top.

    Photo 9

    Photo 10
  • 8. Airbrush leaves and vines lighter shade of green. Airbrush small areas and edge of leaves with darker green to create subtle dimension. Remove leaf stencil and reposition to add more leaves as needed to left and right of center leaves and vines.

    Photo 11
  • 9. Mix Red, Blue, and White to create lilac to match knobs. Mask off branch and leaves in monkey stencil. Position monkey so hand is grasping right side of painted greens. Airbrush monkey lilac. Flip stencil over and position monkey to hang on left side of vines. Airbrush monkey Orange.

    Photo 12
  • 10. Paint animals' eyes, noses, and mouths Black using liner. Paint giraffe's spots and manes Brown. Outline yellow giraffe with black marker.

    Photo 13
  • 11. Wipe away black marker line at bottom with rubbing alcohol. Position grass stencil between animals and spray light green.

    Photo 14
  • 12. Spray even coat of Glosscote over painted plaque. Let dry overnight. Attach knobs for hanging.
  • Tissue Box
  • 1. Airbrush tissue box White.

    Photo 15
  • 2. Position giraffe stencil on tissue box. Mask off everything but giraffe with painter's tape and paper. Airbrush giraffe Yellow.

    Photo 16
  • 3. Position lion stencil on another side of box. Mask everything but lion mane and head; airbrush Copper and let dry. Mask lion mane and head, and airbrush body Brown.

    Photo 17
  • 4. Position Zebra stencil on another side of box. Mask off everything but Zebra. Airbrush zebra Black.

    Photo 18
  • 5. Position grass stencil at base of giraffe, zebra, and lion. Cover each animal and airbrush grass using green paint.

    Photo 19

    Photo 20
  • 6. Position monkey stencil on last side of box. Mask off branch and leaves attached to monkey and airbrush image Orange.

    Photo 21
  • 7. Apply adhesive to back of leaf tendrils stencil. Position portions of stencil at top end of each panel and airbrush with green paint. Add leaves to box top. Angle stencil on some panels more than others.

    Photo 22
  • 8. Position stencil on monkey panel with vine going through monkey's hand. Mask off leaf areas that might overlap painted monkey.

    Photo 23
  • 9. Add details to animals with fine markers. Paint animal's eyes, noses, and monkey's mouth Black. Use Brown for giraffe's spots and outlines.
  • 10. Spray Glosscote over painted box with steady, even motion. Allow project to dry overnight.
  • Tip
  • 1. Allow all paint to dry between steps and clean stencils with hot soapy water between applications to avoid thick paint buildup.