Fish Bean Bag Toss Game

By  Margaret Riley 

size: 20"x30"

  • Fish Bean Bag Toss Game


  • Foam core board, 20”x30”
  • Poster board: blue, yellow, orange, green, dark orange, pink
  • Brown cardstock or construction paper
  • Blue felt, 13”x13” (for each bean bag)
  • Wiggle eyes, five large (for back toss)
  • Sew-on shank eyes, six (two for each bean bag)
  • Navy beans or dry rice


  • Plate, 6” (to trace)
  • Sewing needle and blue thread (or fabric glue)
  • Aleene’s Quick-Dry Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • straight pins, scissors, ruler or measuring tape, dark green marker, craft knife

Pattern - Fish Bean Bag Toss Game

  • 1. Adults, help kids when using craft knife.
  • 2. For toss holes, trace plate onto foam board and blue poster board. Use craft knife to cut out circles.
  • 3. For back toss, adhere blue poster board onto foam board, lining up holes.
  • 4. For sand, cut wavy edge along one long edge of brown cardstock. Adhere brown cardstock onto bottom edge of blue poster board.
  • 5. For seaweed, draw and cut five long lengths on green poster board. Use dark green marker to draw line down center of each seaweed length. Adhere seaweed onto brown poster board around holes.
  • 6. Print and cut out patterns. Trace plate onto each game board fish (for holes on back toss). Use craft knife to cut out holes from center of fish.
  • 7. Adhere back toss fish onto holes on back toss, lining up cut-out edges. Adhere wiggle eye on each fish.
  • 8. Cut numbers from pink poster board. Adhere each number below different hole on back toss.
  • 9. For bean bags, adhere fish pieces together, leaving tail open. Fill fish with beans or rice and adhere tail closed. Sew shank eyes onto each side of fish.
  • 10. Prop back toss between two chairs or against wall and play!
  • Tip
  • 1. When cutting through foam core board, first score line on board and then use several passes of craft knife to cut completely through.