Cross Window Hanging

By  Mary Cosgrove 

size: 5"x7"

  • Cross Window Hanging


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paintable Plastic, one sheet
  • Toner Crafts Icy Fruit Punch Fun Wire, 22-gauge, 12” length
  • Plastic beads, eight each: purple, blue


  • Embroidery needle
  • Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color: Bright Blue, Bright Green, Magenta Rose, Purple, Amber
  • Plaid Gallery Glass Black Liquid Leading

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, toothpick, ruler, pencil, newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Cross Window Hanging

  • 1. Measure and cut 5"x7" rectangle from craft plastic (hanger).
  • 2. Follow Fig. 1 to draw cross and squiggle lines with leading on hanger.
  • 3. Apply color to hanger as follows: Bright Blue (1), Bright Green (2), Magenta Rose (3), Purple (4), Amber (5). Use toothpick to pop air bubbles. Let dry for 48 hours.
  • 4. Use embroidery needle to punch holes on either side of hanger.
  • 5. Thread one wire end through hole and twist end. Thread beads onto wire as desired. Thread other wire end through remaining hole and twist ends closed.
  • Tip
  • 1. Create other hangings with doves, olive branches, or fish by drawing basic shapes with leading.