Boo-hoo's Home

By  Patricia Eisenbraun 

  • Boo-hoo's Home
  • Painting Chart
  • Flying Ghosts
  • Red House & Cat On Fence
  • Scarecrow & Cornfield
  • Skeleton & Pumpkin Patch


  • DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylics: Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Carbon Black, Cerulean Blue, English Red Oxide, Indian Yellow, Medium Beige, Medium Brown, Medium White, Pine Green, Prussian Blue Hue, Quinacridone Gold, Raw Sienna, Vermilion, Warm White
  • Brushes: DecoArt Traditions Artist: Short Liner, Series JAB17, #1; Filberts: Series JAB25, #8, Series JAB26, #10; Chisel Blender, Series JAB11, #4, Series JAB12, #8; Flat, Series JAB07, 3/4”
  • Other brushes: liner, #10/0; mop, large
  • DecoArt Traditions Artist Mediums: Multi-Surface Sealer; Glazing Medium; Extender & Blending Medium; Satin Varnish
  • Glass Votive Candle Lamps with frosted shade from Candle-licious


  • Masterson Stay Wet Palette Keeper
  • Spray bottle filled with distilled water

Pattern - Boo-hoo's Home

  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. Use extender in brush instead of water. Use Glaze Medium to apply thin application between each step as "barrier coat" and to create additional depth between paint layers. Use hair dryer on low to force dry between layers. Mist paints frequently using distilled water spray bottle. Use large mop brush to gently and softly pounce over edges making a smooth transition from one value into another; wipe excess paint onto paper towel then continue to blend.
  • Preparation
  • 1. Wash shade in warm soapy water; rinse with vinegar and dry well. Seal entire surface with Multi-Surface Sealer.
  • 2. Print out pattern. Cut out shape and tape pattern onto inside of shade.
  • 3. For sky, use #10 filbert to base upper third of shade Prussian Blue Hue; blend Cerulean Blue through center of sky area.
  • 4. For ground, base remaining two-thirds of shade Burnt Umber; blend Burnt Sienna through middle of ground area. Use #8 filbert to casually glaze Pine Green over ground, then glaze Cerulean Blue to carry sky color onto ground. Repeat procedure for desired coverage. (Note: Hold shade to light to judge coverage.)
  • 5. Remove pattern and position over shade; transfer basic details for houses, steps, rock walkways, skeleton, and scarecrow onto shade.
  • Painting Instructions
  • 1. Refer to painting chart. (Note: Left sides of each design element on painting chart are completed with shading and highlighting, right sides are not.)

    Painting Chart
  • House #1
  • 1. Use #4 chisel blender and Med. Beige to base house (avoid windows, shutters, and door) and front step; wash rock walkway. For roof, use #8 chisel blender and English Red Oxide to pull strokes, creating shingles; allow some base color to show through. Use #4 chisel blender to shade Burnt Umber horizontally under shingles pulling uneven strokes. Shade Burnt Umber on house, around shutters and windows, around door, along step front, and on ground in front of house; lightly wash rocks. Use short liner to line window and door frames Med. Beige. Paint chimney Med. Brown; use liner to add Burnt Umber brick lines. Side-load #4 chisel blender with Warm White + tch. of Cerulean Blue to paint smoke.
  • 2. Use #4 chisel blender and mix of Cerulean Blue + tch. of Med. Beige to paint door and shutters. Shade Prussian Blue Hue along right side of door and highlight Indian Yellow along left side.
  • House #2
  • 1. Use #4 chisel blender and English Red Oxide to base house (avoid windows and door) and small strip at left of doorway. Use Med. Beige to base roof, door awning, and front step; line door posts. Use #4 chisel blender to shade Burnt Umber horizontally under shingles pulling uneven strokes. Paint door in same manner as House #1. For pathway, use #4 chisel blender to swish Burnt Sienna from side-to-side. Paint chimney English Red Oxide; use liner to add Burnt Umber brick lines. Side-load #4 chisel blender with Warm White + tch. of Cerulean Blue to paint smoke.
  • Corn Stalks
  • 1. Use 10/0 liner and Raw Sienna to randomly stroke straight and crooked stalks. Brush some Raw Sienna leaves on ground; lighten some with brush mix of Raw Sienna and tch. of Med. White.
  • Scarecrow
  • 1. Use #4 chisel blender to base shirt with brush mix of Cerulean Blue and tch. of Medium Beige; for pants, use brush mix of Prussian Blue Hue and tch. of Med. Beige. Base hat Raw Sienna. Use #4 chisel blender to glaze shirt and pants Indian Yellow. Use thinned Burnt Sienna to line straw hands and feet; lighten with Raw Sienna and highlight with mix of Raw Sienna + tch. of Med. White. Paint hat band English Red Oxide. Glaze hat Indian Yellow.
  • Skeleton
  • 1. Line bones Med. White. Glaze highlights Indian Yellow and shade Cerulean Blue.
  • Fence
  • 1. Transfer pattern. Use #4 chisel blender to base Med. Beige; lighten top of posts with Raw Sienna. Shade with Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber, and glaze highlights Indian Yellow.
  • Pumpkins
  • 1. Transfer patterns. Use #4 filbert and mix of Vermilion and Med. Beige (1:1) to base scarecrow's head and pumpkin in skeleton's hand. Base larger pumpkins in background with mix of Burnt Sienna + tch. of Med. Brown and smaller ones Quinacridone Gold or English Red Oxide; shade smaller pumpkins Burnt Sienna. Glaze forefront pumpkins with Indian Yellow and some Vermilion. Use same colors to glaze path areas. Use liner and Burnt Umber to paint Jack-O-Lantern face details. Paint stems with brush mix of Pine Green and Med. Beige.
  • Ground and Grass/Weeds
  • 1. Use #4 chisel blender and mix of Burnt Umber + Prussian Blue Hue (1:1) to deepen ground around pumpkins and between fence slats. For grass/weeds, use liner and mix of Pine Green + Med. Beige (1:1) to randomly paint uneven strokes along fence, around rocks, and pumpkins; add Med. White to lighten.
  • Cats and Ghosts
  • 1. For cats in field and on fence, use liner to paint Carbon Black.
  • 2. For ghosts, use #4 chisel blender and thinned wash of Warm White; allow background to show through.
  • Finishing Details
  • 1. For roofs on both houses, use #4 chisel blender and mix of Raw Sienna + tch. of Vermilion to glaze shingles here and there. Add a glow of Indian Yellow. Use Carbon Black to paint skeleton's footprints and to paint black birds. For areas needing to be darker, use mix of Burnt Umber + tch. of Prussian Blue Hue. Use #4 filbert to glaze ground again with Pine Green and/or Cerulean Blue here and there if needed.
  • Finishing
  • 1. For light glow, use sharp object (such as Exacto Knife) to scratch out windows, door opening, cats and scarecrow eyes, eyes in field, moon, between ribs of ghost, "stars", in chimney smoke, and wherever you desire light to show through.
  • 2. Glaze moon Indian Yellow; streak Prussian Blue Hue through center. Glaze windows Indian Yellow. If desired, paint witch in doorway of House #2 Carbon Black.
  • 3. Apply one coat Glazing Medium + water (1:1) over entire surface. Apply two coats varnish.