Independence Day Tote

By  MaryJo Tuttle 

  • Independence Day Tote


  • DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Acrylics: Baby Blue Deep, Bright Coral, Brown, Burnt Sienna, Buttermilk, Christmas Red, Crimson, Grey Sky, Lamp Black, Navy Blue, Primary Blue, Ultra White, Warm Neutral, Wine
  • Artist's Club Papillon: Shader, #8; Glaze Wash, 3/4"; Angular Shader, 5/8"; Script Liner, #6/0
  • Natural canvas tote (17"x13-1/2")


  • Multiple size star stencil
  • Black Pigma Micron Pen, .05

Pattern - Independence Day Tote

  • Preparation
  • 1. Fold tote in half widthwise to find center; lightly mark center. Print out pattern; transfer basic pattern lines with gray graphite paper. (Transfer details as needed.) Using photo as guide, draw 2"-wide stripe directly below Uncle Sam. Working up, draw two more 2"-wide stripes allowing for 2" space between. Draw a 6-1/2" w x 4" h field as shown.
  • Uncle Sam
  • 1. Base face and hand Warm Neutral. Use Burnt Sienna to shade face under hat and hand next to sleeve. Use Ultra White to highlight center of face, and tip of hand and thumb. Use Bright Coral to blush cheeks and bottom of nose. Paint eyes Lamp Black. Paint eyebrows Grey Sky; overstroke with Ultra White. Add Ultra White highlight dots to eyes, top of cheeks, and top of nose.
  • 2. Use script liner and brush mix of Grey Sky and Lamp Black to line hair, beard, and mustache; allow to dry a little, then overstroke with Ultra White. Allow to dry a little bit again, then use brush mix of Grey Sky and Lamp Black to shade hair under hat, mustache under nose, and on beard under mustache. Pull a few more Ultra White hairs in each section.
  • Hat and Jacket
  • 1. Base red stripes on hat Crimson; shade Wine along bottom and highlight Bright Coral along top of stripes. The "white" stripes of hat and shirt collar remain background of canvas. Use Brown to shade bottom of white stripes and on collar around beard. Use Ultra White to highlight top of stripes and along bottom edge of collar. Base hat band Baby Blue Deep; shade sides Navy Blue and highlight center Ultra White. (Note: Stars are stenciled later.)
  • 2. Base hat brim and jacket Navy Blue; use Baby Blue Deep to highlight center of hat brim, edges of lapels, top of sleeve, and outer edges of jacket. Line necktie Christmas Red.
  • Flag
  • 1. Base field Primary Blue and red stripes Christmas Red. (Note: White stripes remain background of canvas.) Use Wine to shade short ends of red stripes, along top of hat on top red stripe, and around Uncle Sam on center red stripe. Use Brown to shade short ends of white stripes and behind Uncle Sam on white stripes.
  • Stars
  • 1. Allow all paint to dry at least one hour. Use Buttermilk to stencil stars on flag field and hat band. Use pen to outline items as needed.
  • More
  • 1. Not only does this design lend itself nicely as a tote, but it's the perfect design for a decorative patriotic banner. Or how about reworking this design as a canvas candle wrap for the ideal Fourth of July centerpiece. Remember it's just a matter of enlarging or reducing the pattern.