Sweetheart Roses

By  Robin Mani 

size: 9-3/4"x5"

  • Sweetheart Roses
  • Worksheet


  • Viking Woodcrafts Paper Mache Heart Boxes (35-9162), 9-3/4"x5"
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint: Alizarin Crimson, Black Forest Green, Bright Green, Electric Pink, Leaf Green, Razzle Berry, Sea Breeze, Teal Green, Titanium White, Warm White


  • Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon brushes: Series 7050 Script Liner 10/0; Series 7300 Flat Shader #1; Series 7350 Liner #2, 4; Series 7400 Angular Shader 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"; Series 7500 Filbert #4, 6, 8; Series 7550 Flat Wash 3/4"; Series JSL Jackie Shaw Liner #2; Series 270 Maxine Thomas Oval Mop 1/2"
  • DecoArt: Faux Glazing Medium, Easy Float, DuraClear Matte Varnish
  • Laurie Speltz's: Instant Images Backgrounds Journal (IIJ05); Duo Tool 1/4"

Basic Supplies

  • sea wool sponge, tracing paper, palette, white and black graphite paper, palette knife, paper towels, double-ended stylus, double-sided tape, white eraser

Pattern - Sweetheart Roses

  • Note
  • 1. Refer to worksheet throughout painting. Angular brushes are used for basecoating, floatshading, and float highlighting. Pick up tiny amount of paint on pointed tip of brush and blend well on palette. Float several times to deepen shading and lighten highlights. Use mop brush to soften water edge of floats. Use appropriate-size brush for area working on. Use 10/0 script liner and liner brushes for line work and details. Add Easy Float to water to make side-loading, blending, and line work easier.

  • Box
  • 1. Basecoat top of lid and side edges (1:1) mixture of Warm White + Electric Pink using 3/4" flat wash.
  • 2. Dampen sea wool sponge in water and pick up faux glazing medium. Pounce sponge into Electric Pink first on paper towel and then onto top of lid. Pick up Razzle Berry and pounch on lid. Rinse out sponge with water. Pick up (1:1) mixture of Warm White + Electric Pink and pounce onto lid. Let dry.
  • 3. Basecoat bottom of box Razzle Berry. Set aside.
  • 4. Print out pattern. Transfer pattern onto tracing paper. Use stylus to lightly trace pattern onto lid using graphite paper. (Note: Do not transfer curly vines coming out of ribbon.) Transfer scalloped pattern onto edge of lid.
  • Sweetheart Roses
  • 1. For stems, line in rose and leaf stems with thinned Black Forest Green using #2 JSL. Line curly vines (except for ones coming out of ribbon) with Bright Green. Shade along vines with Leaf Green. Highlight curly part with Warm White mixed into Bright Green.
  • 2. For leaves, basecoat leaves (2:1) mixture Teal Green + Black Forest Green using 3/8" angular. Stroke down each side of leaf with (2:1) mixture Sea Breeze + Teal Green using #1 flat. Highlight strokes with (2:1) mixture Sea Breeze + Warm White, making first highlight shorter than first stroke. Add shortest highlight (3:1) mixture Warm White + Sea Breeze. Line vein down center of leaves and line between strokes Black Forest Green. Float/shade down both sides of vein line and around bottom of leaves Black Forest Green.
  • 3. For roses, stroke in center and petals (2:1) mixture Warm White + Razzle Berry using filbert. Paint in throat (2:1) mixture Razzle Berry + Warm White. Float/shade around bottom of center, throat, and top of petals Razzle Berry using 3/8" angular. Deepen shading with Alizarin Crimson. Outline petals and inside petals with (3:1) mixture Warm White + Electric Pink using 10/0 liner. Line around throat opening and stroke in lines across center. Pick up White and overstroke highlights on outer edges of petals and lines across center. Deepen shading with Alizarin Crimson. Tap stylus into Warm White and then Leaf Green and tap dots on bottom of throat.
  • 4. For ribbon, paint ribbon (2:1) mixture Warm White + Razzle Berry using #4 liner. Use same brush and shade Razzle Berry. Highlight with (3:1) mixture Warm White + Electric Pink. Highlight again with White. Deepen shading with floats and outline with Alizarin Crimson.
  • 5. For lace scallops on side edge, mix wash with water added to Warm White on palette. Mix well and fill in lace with sheer wash going around hearts and allowing background to show through using #4 filbert. Let dry. Outline hearts and bottom edge of scalloped lace with White. Float/shade on top outside edge of heart, around roses and ribbon, on leaves and under some curly vines, and under scallops on side edge with (1:1) mixture Electric Pink + Razzle Berry. Add final curly vines coming out of ribbon with colors used above. Add descending dots along curly vines with Bright Green and then Sea Breeze. Tap in White double-dots among roses using large end on stylus. Let dry. Dot again with Bright Green. Tap in Warm White dots on outside edge of lid and bottom of scallops. Tap in smaller Electric Pink dot on top of bottom of scallops.
  • 6. For bottom of box, stencil box sides using (4:1) mixture Razzle Berry + Electric Pink working in small areas at a time and using double-sided tape to hold stencil in place. Float/shade around top and bottom edges of box sides (2:1) mixture Razzle Berry + Alizarin Crimson using 3/4" angular.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Let paint dry thoroughly. Erase all graphite lines using white eraser. Apply three coats varnish.