Snowmen Spoon Ornament Trio

By  Debby Forshey-Choma 

  • Snowmen Spoon Ornament Trio


  • Silver-plated teaspoons* (Debby's Touch), 1-1/4"x2" bowl area, three
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Black Green; Graphite; Honey Brown; Light Cinnamon; Payne’s Grey; Santa Red; Snow White; Tangelo Orange; Uniform Blue
  • Fabric strips, 1"x6", three


  • Paintbrushes (Royal Brush): Debby Forshey's Small Texture Brush, Series 1360; Oval Wash Combo, Series 3080, #1; Majestic Square Shaders, Series 4150, #0, #2, #4, #6, #8; Majestic Angular, Series 4160, 5/8”; Majestic Filberts, Series 4170, #2, #4; Majestic Liner, Series 4585, 10/0
  • DuraClear Varnish Matte (DecoArt)
  • Glistening Snow-Tex (DecoArt)
  • Heavy Metals Light (DecoArt): Tinsel Red
  • Multi-Purpose Sealer (DecoArt)
  • White graphite pencil
  • Spattering tool

Basic Supplies

  • newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Snowmen Spoon Ornament Trio

  • Preparation
  • 1. If silver plated, use tarnish remover to remove any tarnish. Wash with soap and water, then with white vinegar and warm water to remove any grime. Dry. Place in a warm oven on a cookie sheet at a low temperature (under 200°F) to dry out crevices from moisture. To ensure adherence of acrylic paint to surface, basecoat bowl area of each spoon with Multi-Purpose Sealer, and let dry. When applying basecoat, apply light even coats. Wait for each to thoroughly dry before applying the next coat. Place piece for several minutes in a warm, low-temperature oven in between coats for curing.
  • Transferring Design
  • 1. Print out pattern. Re-trace back of tracing paper with a white graphite pencil, making homemade graphite. Fold tracing in half and push it down into bowl of spoon. Use stylus to transfer main pattern lines, omitting details.
  • Background Pines
  • 1. To create different species of pines, use filbert since the boughs will droop more then when using shader. Lightly pre-dampen a pine area with water to soften look of pines. Use #2 filbert loaded with Black Green across chisel edge. Up on the chisel edge, vertically pull very top of pine. Horizontally tap from left to right for boughs, slowly and slightly widening as you work towards base of pine. Allow a bit of background to show through so pine does not look like a triangle. Repeat steps with Snow White, randomly tapping over boughs for snow.
  • Background Berry Trees
  • 1. Side-load one side of #2 shader with Honey Brown, and other side with Light Cinnamon; pull trees.
  • 4 Sale Sign
  • 1. Basecoat sign and post with Honey Brown, using #4 shader. Load #2 shader across chisel edge with Light Cinnamon; pull shade streaks. With 10/0 liner and Graphite, pull lettering (snow 4 sale).
  • Basecoating Designs
  • 1. Use appropriate size shaders and filberts to basecoat the following: Snow White: Snowmen. Snow White: Scarf areas; hat area of ski cap (one coat only). Santa Red: Scarves; hat area of ski cap. Graphite: Top hat.
  • Detailing Snowmen
  • 1. For snowmen, corner-load angle with Payne's Grey, then float shading across top of snowmen's heads, under scarves, down left and right sides and arm hole insets. For ski cap and scarves, float Payne's Grey shading across bottom of red ski cap area, left and right edges of scarves and on tails of scarf to separate. For twig arms, double-load 10/0 liner with Honey Brown and Light Cinnamon; pull the twig arms. For ear muffs, use small texture brush and Santa Red to dance on muffs on left and right sides of snowman's head. Using 10/0 liner and Santa Red, pull the connecting band. With Snow White, pull highlight strokes. (Note: For the proper use of the texture brush, use the following method. Dampen bristles with water to start separation of bristles. Tap bristles into paint on palette, hold it perpendicular to palette, pounce it up and down to get some of paint off, keeping paint sparse on brush. This brush can be used on the whole foot or just the toe. Tap lightly on surface, dance with brush up and down, rolling brush in different directions in between your fingers when it is up in the air. Allow some drying time in between dances so paint sets up and to avoid a globby or muddy look.
  • 2. For top hat, corner-load angle with Snow White; lightly float highlighting across top of hat and brim. For ski cap, use small texture brush and Payne's Grey to lightly dance in fur trim and pom-pom. When dry, re-pounce with Snow White. For detailing, use 10/0 liner and Tangelo Orange to pull carrot noses. With 10/0 liner and Graphite, pull the one smile mouth. Use stylus with Graphite to place dip dots for eyes, other two mouths and buttons. With 10/0 liner and Snow White, pull highlights in top right of each eye.
  • Bird and Birdhouse
  • 1. With 10/0 liner and Santa Red, base red cardinal and birdhouse. For birdhouse, pull roof, hole and perch with Snow White. Paint bird's dip dot eye and beak in Snow White. Pull birdhouse hanger with Graphite.
  • Hanging Snowflakes
  • 1. With 10/0 liner and Snow White, pull the snowflakes. Pull hangers with Graphite.
  • Snow Piles
  • 1. With small texture brush and Snow White, dance snow piles randomly on tree branches, 4 sale sign, top hat and ski cap.
  • Tinsel Red Glitter
  • 1. Brush Tinsel Red over red ski cap and scarves. With stylus and Tinsel Red, randomly place dip dots on pines for berries.
  • Falling Snow
  • 1. With spattering tool and thinned Snow White, spatter over entire designs.
  • Finishing
  • 1. To protect finished pieces, apply matte varnish using the Oval Wash Combo brush. This brush does not leave any visible brush stroke marks after the varnish has dried.
  • Texture Snow
  • 1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply texture snow over ground area of each spoon.
  • Fabric Strips
  • 1. Tear three 1"x6" strips from fabric, and tie at top of each spoon.