Van Gogh Sunflowers

By  Noelle Burns  for  Sakura of America


  • Heavyweight drawing paper, 9"x12"
  • Tissue paper: yellow, green, brown
  • Seeds, assortment of colors and shapes


  • Sakura Cray-Pas oil pastel crayons
  • Real sunflowers (to aid in painting)
  • Craft glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, stapler and staples
  • 1. Have each student practice drawing a sunflower on a 9"x12" piece of drawing paper. When students are satisfied with their drawing, have them go over their sketch with pencil.
  • 2. Use oil pastel crayons to blend colors on sunflowers.
  • 3. Cut out sunflower.
  • 4. For seed centers, cut 1" tissue paper squares. Roll squares onto small circles for seeds. Glue seeds in center of sunflowers. Fill empty spots with assorted seeds. Let dry.
  • 5. Design vase shape using paper and oil pastel crayons. Arrange students' sunflowers in vase. Use stapler and staples to attach each student's sunflower above vase on wall or bulletin board.