Under the Sea Mosaic Light

By  Linda Hollander  



Diamond Tech KraftyBlok, 5½” 
Sculpey Premo: Turquoise, White
Sweet Beads Focal Point Metal Mermaid Silver Pendant
Assorted glass discs: two large, three small
Assorted glass beads
Silver findings: wire, chain, bead stoppers
Small crushed and dyed shells: tan, turquoise
Small clear glass pebbles
Mini string light set, 20 clear bulbs


Sculpey Super Slicer
Wire cutter
Round nose pliers
Clay roller
Bead stoppers
Super glue


Craft knife
Window cleaner
Baby wipes

1. Remove label and plastic plug from glass block. Use window cleaner to wipe down block and set aside.

2. Cut clay blocks into quarters using super slicer. Knead, roll and condition ¾ of each color separately until pliable. Set aside ¼ of each color.

3. Roll ¾ of conditioned white clay into 8” log. Roll ¼ of conditioned turquoise clay into 8” log. Twist two logs together end to end and roll into log. Fold in half, twist and roll into log again. Repeat this process until colors are marbled as desired. Roll remaining conditioned turquoise clay into two equal logs. Twist and marbleize each log into marbled clay. (Clay colors will deepen when baked.)

4. Use clay roller to roll 5” square sheet from marbled clay. Trim edges of clay sheet with super slicer. Lay clay sheet on top of glass block. Use fingers to smooth and round edges of clay sheet. Allow edges to become somewhat irregular as shown.

5. Make sure opening of glass block is at bottom of design. Use photo as a guide to place mermaid figure into clay. Cut short piece of silver chain using wire cutter and press chain into clay above mermaid’s ring.

6. Cut 10” length of silver wire and place bead stopper at one end. Thread 6” of glass beads onto wire. Trim end of wire to ½” with wire cutters and use pliers to turn end of wire under the last bead. Remove bead stopper and repeat on other end. Press beaded strand into clay; refer to photo for placement. Form two or more shorter strands of beads and place them above and below the first strand as shown.

7. Position glass discs onto clay and press lightly to make a slight impression. Remove discs. Cut around impression outline and carefully remove clay with craft knife. Clean glass area where clay was removed with baby wipes. Clean and place glass discs into cut area. Discs should fit snuggly into holes. Push clay around edges of discs gently with fingertips.

8. Roll remaining turquoise clay into 8” long thin snake. Gently press one end of thin snake onto clay next to large glass disc. Wrap thin snake around disc. Use light finger pressure to adhere thin snake to background clay and glass disc. Repeat with other large disc.

9. Place small shells and pebbles onto open areas of clay background. Wrap a baby wipe around index finger and press embellishments into clay firmly.

10. Bake following manufacturer’s instructions on glass block; let cool completely before removing from oven. Check for loose stones and shells. Secure any loose items with super glue. Insert mini string lights through bottom opening.


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