Mosaic Hanging Lanterns

By  Lauren Disanza for Diamond Tech 

4”x5½”, 3½”x4¾”, 2¾”x4”


Jennifer’s Mosaics Stained Glass Chips: Opalescent, Iridized 

Glass jars, three: 4”x5½”, 3½”x4¾”, 2¾”x4”

Tinned copper wire, 14g



Jennifer’s Mosaics: White Grout, 2 lbs.; Wheeled Glass Nippers

Diamond Tech Green Colorant, 3 oz. 

Pliers and end cutter 

Eclectic Products E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive


Black permanent marker 

Newspaper or kraft paper 

Safety glasses 

Latex or nitrile gloves 

Paper towels 

Measuring cup and spoon 

Craft stick and mixing bowl 

Soft cloth

1. Cover work area with newspaper or kraft paper.

2. Sort out desired colors. (Project shown uses 10 large petals, 15 medium petals and 12 small petals.) 

3. For large petals, mark petal shape on tile with black marker as shown. Nip glass to form petal shape while wearing safety glasses. 

making mosaic tiles

4. For medium-sized petals, nip tile in half to form triangle. Mark petal shape on tile with black marker as shown. Nip glass to form petal shape while wearing safety glasses. For small-sized petals, nip triangles in half to form smaller triangles. Mark petal shape on tile with black marker and nip to form petal shape. 

making mosaic tilesmaking mosaic tiles

5. Mark three rectangular templates on paper: 4”x13”, 3½”x11” and 3”x9”. Lay out each flower within templates.

6. When satisfied with flower placement, adhere pieces to jars working in 2-3” sections and allow 1/8” between tiles for grout. Let adhesive dry for 10 minutes before turning jar to add additional flowers. To save time, work on additional jars as you wait for sections to dry. 

making a mosaic lantern step 6

7. Nip green glass into random pieces and adhere between flowers, allowing 1/8” between tiles for grout. Let adhesive dry for two hours before grouting.

8. Mix 1 teaspoon green colorant in 3 tablespoons of water. Pour colored water into 1 cup of grout and mix until uniform color is achieved. Add more water if needed until mixture reaches a peanut butter consistency. 

making a mosaic lantern step 8

9. With a gloved hand, smooth grout over tile and fill in crevices. Remove excess grout with your hand. Let set for 10 minutes. Use damp sponge or paper towel to remove excess grout and haze. Let set overnight. 

making a mosaic smoothing grout

10. When completely dry, buff tiles with soft cloth removing grout haze.

making a mosaic buffing tiles

11. Wrap wire tightly around circumference of jar lip and overlap beginning of wire about ½”. Twist and wrap wire end around opposite side to form tight coil using pliers. 

making a mosaic wrap hanging wire

Unspool 12” of wire and bring it across lid to form handle as shown. Hold end of handle against jar lid and wrap wire tightly around its circumference, overlapping about ½”. Cut with wire cutter. 

making a mosaic unspool wire

Twist and wrap end around handle base to form a tight coil with pliers. 

making a mosaic secure hanging wire