Pinwheel Pattern Mosaic Table

By  Jennifer & Kitty O’Neil 

size: varies

  • Pinwheel Pattern Mosaic Table


  • Wooden table, approximately 18”x15”
  • Mosaic Mercantile Classic Glass Tiles, 3/4”, 1 lb. each: Mushroom, Urchin, Surf, Tide


  • Tile nippers
  • Putty knife
  • Krylon ColorMaster Magnetic Gray Spray Paint, Primer
  • Mosaic Mercantile Snow White Sanded Grout, 1 lb.
  • Beacon Adhesives Quick Grip All-Purpose Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • yardstick, chalk, protective gloves: leather, latex, safety glasses, large clear plastic bag, dust mask (optional), disposable plastic containers, stir stick, sponge, spray bottle of water, paper towels, pencil

Pattern - Pinwheel Pattern Mosaic Table

  • 1. Prime and paint all table surfaces; let dry. Print out pattern. Measure and mark 16-square grid onto pattern using pencil by dividing pattern in half in both directions, and then each half in half. Measure and mark same pattern grid onto tabletop using chalk. Copy design onto tabletop square by square using chalk.
  • 2. While wearing safety glasses and protective gloves, cut tiles inside plastic bag using nippers. Cut all colors of tile into smaller pieces, but do not cut all tiles; leave some whole. Fill in design on tabletop with tile pieces, leaving 1/8" space between pieces for grout. Dab small amount of adhesive on rough side of tile to adhere to table. Cut additional tiles to fill in design. Continue adhering tiles to table until completely covered. Let dry thoroughly.
  • 3. Position table on protected work surface. Wearing mask and latex gloves, mix grout in plastic container to consistency of peanut butter following manufacturer's instructions. (Note: Grout stays workable for about 15 minutes only; be ready to use immediately.) Spread grout onto tabletop over tiles using sponge or putty knife. Apply grout around outside edges of tiles and in between each tile. Remove excess grout with sponge using very light pressure so grout between tiles isn't displaced. Let dry 30 minutes.
  • 4. Buff mosaic by removing grout haze from tiles using paper towels or clean damp sponge, being careful not to remove grout from between tiles. Let dry for another 30 minutes. Buff mosaic again.
  • Tip
  • 1. Mosaic along with the O'Neil Sisters by checking out a complete video tutorial on how to create this table at