Embossed Metal Mosaic Table

By  Debi Adams  for  Ellison Sizzix

size: 36"

  • Embossed Metal Mosaic Table


  • Wrought-iron table, 36” diameter
  • Wooden circle, 36” diameter (or same-size as table top)
  • Wooden squares and rectangles, in various sizes
  • Walnut Hollow Metal Foil Sheets, in various colors
  • Mosaic glass tile squares (for edging)
  • Mosaic grout
  • Nuts and bolts


  • Ellison Sizzix BIGkick or Big Shot Machine
  • Ellison Sizzix Textured Impressions Embossing Folders by Dena’s Designs Decorative Accents: Baroque & Flowertopia Set; Birds & Blooms Set; Blossom, Circles, Leaves & Diamonds Set; Curly Gate & Berry Splash Set; Daisy Blast & Paisley Palooza Set; Fleur Tile & Kaleidoscope Crescents Set; Peacock & Leaves Set; Thickets & Swirls Set
  • Jigsaw
  • Acrylic paints, in assorted colors
  • Spray varnish sealer
  • Grout sealer
  • Liquid Nails Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • paper trimmer, ruler, pencil, newspapers, sandpaper, foam brush, sponges, drill and drill bit, soft cloth
  • 1. Use machine and Textured Impressions Folders to emboss metal foil sheets. Trim shapes if needed. Cut wood into rectangular pieces that fit size of folder images. Cut square pieces in smaller sizes to fill areas around rectangular shapes.
  • 2. Glue embossed metal pieces to wooden rectangles and squares using Liquid Nails, keeping spaces between pieces for grout lines; let dry.
  • 3. Apply acrylic paint with foam brush to some metal pieces; gently wipe off for distressed look. Sand several pieces. Apply acrylic paint to sides of wooden pieces with color to match grout.
  • 4. Position wooden circle on top of wrought-iron table. Secure in place by drilling holes in wood and applying nuts and bolts through wood to table bottom.
  • 5. Mark off center of table. Starting from center of table, create random design using wooden metallic pieces. Fill in smaller areas with wooden metallic squares, especially close to edge of table. When pattern is complete, glue to secure using Liquid Nails. Trim off any pieces overhanging table base using jigsaw. Sand edge of wooden table. Glue smaller mosaic glass tiles around edge of table; let dry.
  • 6. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply grout to table top; let dry. Use sponge to remove excess grout. Let dry overnight. Use soft cloth to wipe excess dust from metallic pieces and tiles.
  • 7. Apply spray sealer on top and edges of table. Let dry.