Faux Metal Steampunk Vase

Pressure embossing creates awesome effects on thin, soft metallic surfaces to transform a recycled oatmeal container into a “wow” project!
By  Gail Green 



  • Empty cardboard oatmeal container, 16 -18 oz.
  • Beads, 3-4mm: black, pearl
  • Flat washers, 9/16”, 30-40
  • Machine screw nuts, 3/8”, 30


  • Die-cutting machine
  • Clearsnap Art Dauber
  • FolkArt One Stroke Brush Set #1059
  • Ball-tip stylus or other small burnishing tool
  • Delta Ceramcoat Select Multi-Surface Satin Black Paint
  • Tim Holtz Alterations Texture Fades Embossing Folders Burlap & Swirls Set
  • Colorbox Archival Dye Wicked Black Ink Pad
  • Nashua Multi-Purpose Foil Tape
  • Beacon Gem-Tac Permanent Glue

basic supplies

  • Nonstick scissors

(Note: Sizes noted for aluminum tape strips are approximate. Adjust measurements to fit your specific container proportions before removing release paper from foil tape and adjust or trim where needed.)

1. Remove label from oatmeal container and gently wipe any food residue from inside. Paint inside of container black using ¾” flat brush. Carefully paint top rim black using #12 flat brush; let dry. Using direct-to-paper application, apply Wicked Black ink to outside surface of container; fill in spots where needed using the Art Dauber. Let dry completely.

2. Cut twelve 5”-5¼”aluminum tape strips. Place two strips side-by-side inside the burlap textures folder and run through die-cutting machine.  Remove strips and repeat until all strips are embossed.

3. Lightly dab black paint over strips using scruffy brush. Let dry until slightly tacky and gently wipe with a soft cloth to remove excess from raised sections. Reapply and repeat to achieve desired look. Let dry completely.

4. Remove backing from one completed tape strip. Line up one short edge to top lip of container and use long box seam as a guide to carefully adhere strip onto container.

5. Trim second tape strip to 4”.  Remove backing and adhere right next to the first strip leaving a slight gap in between strips so black inked surface is visible. Repeat to adhere staggering lengths of strips to cover entire container. Measure and cut strips to fill in remaining open sections as needed. Burnish edges with stylus to smooth and secure.

6. Cover bottom of container with remaining tape; overlap edges and leave no gaps. Burnish edges with stylus until smooth.

7. Paint flat washers black using #2 flat brush; let dry. Adhere painted washers onto strips as desired. Adhere unpainted machine screw nuts and beads as desired.