Driftwood Sunburst Mirror

Make a stunning mirror wit driftwood collected on a summer getaway!
By  Marty Sanchez for Environmental Technology, Inc.  

19" diameter


  • EasySculpt, 1lb. kit
  • Wood clock blank, 10”
  • Round mirror, 5”
  • Dried driftwood pieces, ½”-1” diameter
  • Saw tooth picture hanger and nails 


  • Paintbrush
  • Neutral gray acrylic paint
  • Chop saw or hand saw

basic supplies

  • Pencil
  • Toothpicks
  • Newspaper or butcher paper
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Tablespoons

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Project Instructions

1. Protect work area with newspaper or butcher paper. Place wood clock blank base on covered work area and trace around outer edge. Position round mirror in center of same circle and trace around outer edge.  This template will be used to position driftwood pieces prior to placement on wood surface.

2. Paint wood clock blank neutral gray; let dry.

3. Trim forty 4-6” pieces and another forty 2”-4” pieces of driftwood. (Quantities and sizes will vary based on driftwood available.)

4. Starting with long driftwood pieces, place first layer of driftwood pieces on paper template in desired pattern.  Position trimmed end toward mirror circle.

5. Make EasySculpt by mixing ½ tablespoon of both components A and B together following manufacturer’s instructions. Divide mixture into three equal pieces and form into small balls. Adhere three EasySculpt balls onto back of mirror in a triangle formation. Position mirror onto center of wood and press down gently to adhere to wood base. Let EasySculpt set for five hours.

6. Make EasySculpt by mixing three tablespoons of both components A and B together following manufacturer’s instructions. Adhere driftwood pieces to wood base using small amount of EasySculpt to underside of each piece. Repeat process until layer is complete. 

7. Arrange shorter second layer of driftwood pieces as desired. Repeat Step 6 to adhere to mirror base.

8. Use toothpick to gently remove any excess EasySculpt exposed between driftwood pieces.  Allow to cure overnight.

9. Fasten saw tooth picture hanger to back of wood base.