Fairy Jar Light

By  Linda Hollander 

6-8” tall


Apothecary jar with flat sides or glass jar of choice, 6-8” tall

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Garden Fairies Chipboard shapes 

Artificial flower 

Battery-operated tea light


Rust-Oleum Specialty Frosted Glass Spray 

Black craft paint 


Adhesives: Eclectic Products E-6000, Elmer’s Craft Bond Adhesive 




Glass cleaner 

Long tweezers 

Craft sticks 


Rubber band 

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Project Instructions

1. If your jar has rounded sides, moisten both sides of fairy shapes with water. Lay glass jar on its side on a folded towel to prevent it from rolling. Let water soak into fairy shape then gently bend fairy over jar. Press firmly with your palm until shape conforms to jar curvature. A rubber band can be used to keep shape from lifting. Let dry. Remove shape and repeat with other fairy shapes. 

2. Paint fairy shapes black and let dry. 

3. Remove jar lid and set aside. Clean jar inside and out with window cleaner; let dry. Shake Frosted Glass spray paint well and lightly spray outside of jar using short blasts. Let dry. Repeat until jar is covered evenly. If lid is glass, spray it to match.

4. Spray light and even coat of Craft Bond to one fairy at a time. Hold tweezers in non-dominate hand and gently grip top of fairy. Carefully lay shape inside jar, making sure not to shift it around. Pick up craft stick with dominant hand and gently press fairy into place. Repeat with remaining fairies. 

5. Use scissors to separate stem from flower. Place dab of adhesive onto lid center and adhere flower. Press firmly and let dry. 

6. Turn tea light on and place inside jar. Place lid on jar.