Coloring Fun Box

By  Hilary Stephens for Environmental Technology Inc. 



Wood box

Coloring book artwork




Foam brush 

Acrylic paint

ETI Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish 

X-Acto knife 

Adhesives: white craft glue, thick glue dots  





Sandpaper or dremel tool 

Heat tool 

Painter’s tape 

Disposable cups 

Latex or nitrile gloves

Plastic bag or tablecloth

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Multiple layers of glue will seal paper; poorly sealed paper may be blemished by the Envirotex resin. 

1. Remove front clasp from wood box and lightly sand entire box. Clean off any excess dust and paint wood box in color of choice. Let dry. 

2. Cut out coloring book artwork as desired, fold onto box front and adhere. Let dry for an hour. Apply adhesive to paper surface. Carefully slice artwork along box opening with X-Acto knife as shown. Place brush handle between top and bottom portion of box to keep it from adhering shut. Let dry. 

3. Apply layer of adhesive to outside surface of box avoiding hinges. Let dry overnight.  

4. Remove hinges and apply tape to inside edges of box to keep area free of resin coating. Attach disposable cups inside top and bottom box with Glue Dots as shown. 

5. Use adhered cups as a stand to pour resin over outer surface of box. Place box top and bottom on covered work surface, mix four ounces of Envirotex Lite wearing gloves following manufacturer’s instructions. Pour two ounces of resin coating over each piece and smooth resin onto sides of box with foam brush or gloved hands. Use clean craft stick to scrape drips from the underside of box every 15 minutes for an hour. Use heat tool to pop bubbles in resin. Let dry for 24 hours. 

6. Remove cups and tape. Sand off drips with sandpaper or dremel tool. 

7. Paint inside of box in color of choice; let dry. Reattach hinges.


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