Coloring Fun Frame

By  Hilary Stephens for Environmental Technology Inc.  



ŸWood frame, balsa wood strips

Coloring book artwork


Ÿ Paintbrush, disposable brush

Ÿ Acrylic paint

Ÿ ETI Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish 4 oz.

Ÿ White craft glue




Heat tool

Razor blade

Painters tape

Disposable cups

Disposable gloves

Craft sticks

Plastic tablecloth or plastic bag 

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The wood strips glued onto the front of the frame create a basin that keeps the epoxy coating neatly in place. This “containment” technique may be used on box lids and coasters, too!

1. Remove glass, sand and paint the frame and the wood strips.

2. Cut artwork to fit the frame shape. Glue in place. 

3. Trim the strips to fit both the inside and outside of the frame. Photo 1. Dab paint on cut ends of the strips. Glue in place and let dry. 

4. Apply two layers of glue over the artwork surface and particularly around the strips; let second layer dry overnight.

5. Apply painters tape to bottom outside edge of frame so accidental resin drips will come off when tape is removed later.

6. Cover a level table with plastic. Place frame on plastic. Put on gloves and mix two ounces of Envirotex Lite according to manufacturer’s instructions. Fill frame basin with resin but do not allow resin to overflow.  Use a small brush to carefully gloss side of frame with resin; discard brush. Do not put any resin where the glass installs!  Use heat tool to remove bubbles. Let dry for 48-72 hours.

7. Place frame on padded surface to remove painters tape and insert glass.  


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