Photo Ornaments

Photo ornaments are a quick but elegant way to decorate for the holidays. They also make inexpensive gifts!
By  Maureen Wilson 


  • Clear glass or plastic ornaments
  • Ribbon 


  • Computer Grafix Clear Film for Ink Jet Printers
  • Computer & printer
  • Glue dots or glue gun

Basic supplies

  • Scissors

Project Instructions

1. Make quick template for photo on Microsoft Word slightly smaller than ornament. Open a blank page and click on Insert Tab. Click Shape, and then select a circle from the menu. Hold the shift key while dragging on the corner of the shape. Check shape dimensions shown in the corner. Print out shape, cut out circle and trace onto photos.

2. Alternatively, you can overlay the circle directly on your photo to save time. Right click the shape created in Step 1, choose Arrange, then select Bring to Front. Right click shape again and choose Format Shape (or Edit Shape). Select Fill from the Menu, click on Color, and choose No Fill. Now that your shape is empty, drag it directly over your photo.

3. Leave ½” above each circle to fit in the ornament neck. Once photos are set up, add transparent film to printer. Make sure to insert film so that it prints on the rough side.

4. Remove each sheet from printer promptly and lay ink-side up for a few minutes for ink to set.

5. Cut out circles using template or cut around printed circular photo. Leave a ½” square at the top of photo to slide into ornament neck and keep photo in place.

6. Remove ornament’s cap by pulling upward. Roll photo tightly, with rough side of the film on the inside. Slide circular photo into ornament. Use square tab at the top to position photo.

7. Accessorize ornament with handmade bows. To make multi-loop ribbon bow, cut a yard and an 8” length of ribbon. Hold cut end of long ribbon against fingers and wrap around four fingers with ribbon directly aligned on top of itself. Pinch center of ribbon loops with free hand and slide off fingers

8. Flatten loops and make small snip on each side of center ribbon to achieve a tighter knot.

9. Use 8” length of ribbon to tie a knot around center of looped ribbon along the snips. Pull tightly while knotting. Tug on each loop to separate. Use glue dots or hot glue gun to adhere bow to top of ornament.