Craft Supply Box

Need to organize and store your craft supplies? Embellish and customize this storage box with a little sparkle to complement your craft room!
By  Erin Basset for Brother 

size varies


  • ScanNCut Iron-on Transfer Glitter Sheet
  • ScanNCut Rhinestone Starter Kit
  • Collapsible fabric-covered box
  • Pressing cloth


  • ScanNCut Machine and Accessories
  • USB flash drive

basic supplies

  • Large box lid

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Project Instructions

1. Download full-size patterns here. Create your artwork or use pattern provided and apply iron-on transfer glitter sheet to standard cutting mat so shiny side is facing down. Do a test cut and make sure your blade will cut through top, glittery layer but not through carrier sheet that is against the mat. Set blade depth to “3” and pressure to “0” (or adjust accordingly).

2. Using a flash drive, transfer design to ScanNCut machine. Load design and delete rhinestone part of pattern off design. Cut out remaining design on iron-on material. Set blade depth to “3” and pressure to “4”, or adjust accordingly depending on test cut from Step 1.

3. Carefully remove waste from design and set it aside.


4. Delete all designs on ScanNCut screen and then reload same design. Delete words and frame but keep rhinestone design. Apply rhinestone template sheet to standard mat. Be sure to do a test cut on the template sheet. You want to be able to cut through template sheet, but not the backing. Set blade to “5” and pressure to “0” or adjust accordingly depending on your test cut. 

5. Cut out rhinestone design and remove backing from template sheet by pulling it off quickly. Remove any holes that didn’t pop off the template sheet. 

6. Place backing board into box lid with shiny side facing up. Press template sheet onto backing board and smooth it out.

7. Pour rhinestones on top of pattern and use brush in circular motion to brush them into place.

8. Apply transfer sheet with iron-on glitter design to top of rhinestones and lift it off carefully.

9. Place transfer paper onto front of fabric box and cover it with a pressing cloth. Iron 45-60 seconds or until everything is adhered. Let cool and remove transfer sheet from design.