Pompom Ice Cream Rug

By  Laura Pearson-Smith 



Stylecraft Special DK Carnation Yarn 

Cream felt, 2x2½ yds 

Non-slip rug backing, 2x2½ yds

DMC 6-strand #433 Embroidery Floss 

Cream thread



Needle: sewing, darning

Pompom making tool or barred chair back



Sharp scissors

Measuring tape

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Use pompoms in a variety of colors for a bright multi-colored scoop, or make three smaller circles for a multi-scoop ice-cream cone.

1. Measure and cut out 25” circle from non-slip rug backing and cream felt. Layer felt circle on top of non-slip circle and sew around edges. (No need to worry about neat edges; pompoms will cover this.) 

2. To make pompoms, use pompom making tool or the back of a chair with bars. Take six separate arms length of yarn and wind them around two bars of the chair. Tie small piece of yarn tightly around wound up yarn as shown. Cut wound up yarn at one bar and again at other end. Trim off any longer ends sticking out and fluff out to form round.  You will need around 60 of these to fully cover your circular rug base.

3. Thread darning needle with long piece of yarn and sew pompoms onto rug base. Work from outside in, sewing one pompom on at a time until entire surface is covered with no gaps. 

4. Lay out remaining piece of rug backing. Measure and cut two isosceles triangles with a 25” top from rug backing and one from cream felt. Sew three layers together using matching cream thread with felt piece on top. Re-thread needle with brown embroidery thread and sew crosshatch design onto cone as shown. Sew horizontal lines first then sew vertical lines.  

5. Sew top of felt cone underneath pompom ice-cream scoop tightly and securely.


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