Easter Peeps Basket

By  Kathleen Berlew 

size: 4-1/2"

  • Easter Peeps Basket


  • Wool-blend felt: light aqua, 9”x12”; chartreuse, 9”x12”; yellow, 6”x9”; orange, scrap
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss: (444) Lemon-DK, (703) Chartreuse, (721) Orange Spice-MD, (775) Baby Blue-VY LT, (B5200) Snow White
  • White rickrack, 1/2”x25”
  • Buttons: yellow flower-shaped, 3/4”, four; bright green round, 1/2”, four
  • Black seed beads, four


  • Embroidery needle

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, straight pins

Pattern - Easter Peeps Basket

  • 1. Note: Use two strands of embroidery floss to embroider and assemble basket.
  • 2. Print out full-size patterns. Cut shapes from felt: three bodies, three heads, and four wings from yellow; one basket base from light aqua. Make slits along sides of wings using scissors as indicated on pattern. Cut three small triangles from orange felt for beaks. Cut one 4-1/2"x12" rectangle from light aqua felt. Cut one 2-1/2"x11-1/2" rectangle and one 4"x11-1/2" rectangle from chartreuse felt.
  • 3. Place light aqua felt rectangle horizontally on work surface and pin peep bodies to it. Center one body 1-1/2" from bottom edge. Place other two bodies 2" to right and left of center peep body. Sew peep bodies to light aqua felt with lemon floss and running stitch.
  • 4. Refer to pattern and sew heads of two side peeps in place with lemon floss and running stitch. Tuck an orange beak under front of each head as you go. Sew center peep's head in place. Use orange floss and running stitch to sew beaks in place.
  • 5. Place two wings to center peep's body and one wing to each side peep's body. Backstitch down center of each wing with a line of lemon. Sew seed bead eyes in place with lemon floss. Use orange floss and split stitch to embroider legs and feet below each peep's body.
  • 6. For grass, use scissors to make 1/4" wide slits into one long edge of 2-1/2"x11-1/2" piece of chartreuse felt, stopping 3/4" from other edge. Center grass piece on appliqued light aqua rectangle so bottom edges line up. The light aqua felt should extend 1/4" beyond short edges of chartreuse felt. Use chartreuse floss and running stitch placed 1/8" from bottom edge to sew grass to appliqued light aqua felt piece.
  • 7. Refer to photograph to sew flower buttons evenly spaced along grass base using orange floss. Sew green buttons between flower buttons using chartreuse floss.
  • 8. Pin 12-1/2" piece of white rickrack 3/16" from top edge of appliqued light aqua felt. Sew in place with white floss. Fold appliqued light aqua felt piece in half widthwise with right sides facing. Backstitch short edges together using a 1/4" seam with blue floss. Trim seam and turn right side out. If necessary, use chartreuse floss and a few running stitches to secure grass base at seam.
  • 9. For basket lining, fold 4"x11-1/2" chartreuse felt rectangle in half widthwise. Backstitch short edges together using 1/4" seam and chartreuse floss. Trim seam; do not turn right side out. Pin basket base to one end of basket lining. Backstitch in place with chartreuse floss.
  • 10. Slip lining inside appliqued outer basket. Cut 12" piece of rickrack for handle. Slip each end of handle between lining and outer basket. Pin in place.
  • 11. Sew top edges of outer basket and basket lining together 1/8" from top edge using running stitch with blue floss. Secure basket handle as you sew.