Car Trash Bag

Keep your car clean and drive in style with this easy-to-make car trash bag.
By  Green Goose Car Bags  



Fabric: bag body, 22”x13”; handle, 22”x2½”; lining, 22”x13”; binding, 22”x3½”
Pellon Peltex 70 Sew-In Ultra Firm Stabilizer, 20”x10”
Plastic bag liners


Sewing machine and coordinating thread
Sewing needle

basic supplies

Iron and pressing surface
Rotary cutter

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1. For bag body, fold 22”x13” fabric in half with right sides together. Sew 13” edge using 5/8” seam allowance and press seam open. Sew bottom of bag’s seam. Trim seams and secure with zigzag stitch.

2. Lay bag flat with side seams centered to create diamond bottom as shown. Using a ruler, draw horizontal lines 1½” down from top corner and 1½” above bottom corner. Sew drawn lines and trim off corners to create bag bottom. Repeat Steps 1-2 with lining fabric, cut slightly smaller so it can fit into main fabric.

3. Open bag body and turn right side out. Iron to get wrinkles out. Iron lining with right sides facing. Insert lining into bag. Move around until pointed corners meet at bag bottom. There should be no seams showing when bags are together.

4. For binding, fold 22”x3½” fabric piece in half and sew together to form a circle. Press seam open. Iron raw edges of binding with wrong sides together. Pin raw edges of binding to bag top and sew ¼” from top. Press binding up toward bag top.  Fold binding over bag top and whipstitch in place onto lining.

5. For handle, iron 22”x2½” fabric piece in half long ways.  Open piece up and iron edges to center fold line on both sides. Iron in half long ways again. Pin two ends to inside back center of bag as shown. Sew handle to bag. Sew button on top of stitching. 


6. Cut 20”x10” stabilizer to create stiff insert to hold replacement plastic liners. Iron flat after cutting. Form stabilizer into circle with ¼” overlapping. Sew it in three spots: on each end and at center to form a tube. Place stabilizer tube into bag. Sew all layers together 6” from top with small 1” stitch in center of back. Place plastic bag liner into trash bag and tuck top of plastic bag behind insert. Hang trash bag on gearshift on center console.

Store extra replacement plastic liners in the bottom of the bag so they’re always available when you empty the trash.