Mini Fall Bags

By  Kathleen Berlew 

size: 3"x3"

  • Mini Fall Bags
  • Closeup View


  • Wool-blend felt: cream, black, bright red, bright orange, dark orange, dark green
  • DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss: 321 Christmas Red, 742 Tangerine-LT, 895 Hunter Green-DK, 938 Coffee Brown-DK, 3853 Autumn Gold-DK
  • Rick rack, 1/4”-wide: orange, gold


  • Embroidery needle

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, straight pins

Pattern - Mini Fall Bags

  • 1. Cut eight 3"x3" squares from cream and black felt. Print out full-size patterns. Cut shapes from felt.
  • 2. Pin apple, pumpkin, oak leaf, and birch leaf shapes on cream squares. Use running stitch and two strands of floss around edges as follows: 321 Christmas Red on apples, 742 Tangerine-LT on birch leaves, 3853 Autumn Gold-DK on pumpkins and oak leaves. Pin coordinating leaf at top of each apple and pumpkin; use running stitch and 895 Hunter Green-DK around edges.
  • 3. Follow Stitch Diagram in patterns to add details on felt shapes as follows: apples 938 Coffee Brown-DK using straight stitch for base and split stitch for stem; apple leaf vein lines 895 Hunter Green-DK using running stitch; birch leaves 938 Coffee Brown-DK using running stitch for leaf veins and split stitch for stem; pumpkin lines 3853 Autumn Gold-DK using running stitch; pumpkin greenery 895 Hunter Green-DK using satin stitch for base, split stitch for stem, and backstitch for vine; oak leaves 321 Christmas Red using running stitch on veins and split stitch on stem.
  • 4. For hangers, cut 8" rick rack lengths. Pin cream felt squares to black felt squares, sandwiching ends of rick rack along top edge. Hand-sew squares together, leaving top edge open, using running stitch along sides and bottom edges with 742 Tangerine-LT for apple and birch leaf bags and 3853 Autumn Gold-DK for pumpkin and oak leaf bags. Finish top border on cream felt square only using running stitch and coordinating-color floss; knot ends.