Cinch-Top Backpacks

By  Jennifer Davey 

size: 15"x18"

  • Cinch-Top Backpacks
  • Shown wearing


  • Fabric Editions Fabric Loft Printed Cotton Canvas: main print, 1 yd.; contrasting print, 1/3 yd.
  • Ribbon, 5/8“-wide, 4 yds.
  • Zippers: 7”, 10"


  • Sewing machine with zipper foot

Basic Supplies

  • iron and pressing surface, scissors, thread, straight pins, safety pin, ruler or measuring tape

Pattern - It's A Beautiful Day Mixed Media Card

  • 1. Cut two 15"x18" panels from main print canvas for bases. In addition, cut 3"x8-1/2" panel (for under pocket) and 12"x8-1/2" panel from main canvas. From contrasting print canvas, cut 2-1/2"x10" top and 7"x10" bottom for pocket.
  • 2. Press one long side of each pocket panel under 1/4". Using zipper foot, machine-sew 10" zipper between two pressed edges, exposing teeth. In same way, attach 7" zipper in vertical pocket opening. Fold and press left side of main print under pocket. With right sides facing, pin outer pocket to under pocket, aligning right side. Machine-sew along folded edge of top pocket; baste remaining edges. Fold top and bottom edge of pocket panel under 1/4"; press. Pin pocket in place on right side of main panel, 3" from bottom edge. Machine-sew along folded edges, securing pockets to backpack front. Baste along open sides.
  • 3. Fold top corners of main panels on angle 4" down and 1" in; press. Fold point into pressed corner; machine-sew 1/4" from folded edge. Fold top edge down 1/4"; press. Fold over 1"; press. Machine-sew casing closed with 1/8" seam.
  • 4. Pin front and back main panels with right sides facing. Machine-sew along two sides using 1/2" seam allowance, leaving bottom open.
  • 5. Cut ribbon in half. Thread ribbon through casing; turn and return ribbon through second casing. Repeat; threading second ribbon from opposite side, making sure ribbons lie flat. Match ends of ribbon; knot at end of each strap, connecting matched ribbons.
  • 6. Position ribbons through right side of backpack, placing knotted ribbon in corner with knot showing out bottom opening. Machine-sew backpack bottom closed, securing straps in place. Turn backpack right side out.