Patriot's Pride Summer Quilt

By  Holly Daniels 

size: 50"x62"

  • Patriot's Pride Summer Quilt
  • Fig. 1
  • Fig. 2
  • Fig. 3
  • Layout Diagram


  • Printed cotton fabric, 10” squares: white, 14; blue, nine; red, five
  • Red cotton fabric, 1-1/4 yds.
  • Batting, 56”x66”
  • Backing fabric, 56”x66”


  • Sewing machine and thread

Basic Supplies

  • rotary cutter and mat, scissors, 12” square ruler
  • 1. Cut each fabric square twice on the diagonal to make four triangles per square. (Note: Stack and cut only four pieces of fabric at a time as more layers of fabric may shift.) See Fig. 1. Cut and handle all triangles carefully as you are cutting bias edges that have more stretch than straight edges.

    Fig. 1
  • 2. Choose two matching red triangles and two matching white triangles. Sew one red and one white triangle together. Press seam toward red fabric. Repeat with remaining red and white triangles. Sew two red/white pieces together; press seams to one side. Use square ruler to trim each block to 8-1/2" square, completing one block. See Fig. 2.

    Fig. 2
  • 3. Repeat Step 2 with remaining red and white triangles (to make total of 10 red/white blocks). Substitute blue triangles for red triangles and repeat Step 2 to make total of 18 blue/white blocks. See Fig. 3.

    Fig. 3
  • 4. Sew blocks together using Layout Diagram as guide.
  • 5. Cut following from red cotton fabric: four 4-1/2"x44" strips; five 2-1/2"x44" strips; five 2-1/4"x44" strips.
  • 6. Sew 4-1/2" strips together along short edges; press seams to one side. Cut strip into three 56-1/2" lengths. Sew red strips to block strips to make center of quilt top. Press seams toward red strips.
  • 7. Repeat Step 6 with 2-1/2" strips, except cut strip into two 56-1/2" lengths and two 48-1/2" lengths. Sew longer strips to sides of quilt top. Sew shorter strips to top and bottom of quilt top. Press all seams toward red fabric.
  • 8. Sew 2-1/4" strips together along short edges; press seams open. Fold strip so raw edges meet; press to make one long strip measuring 1-1/8" in width. Set this binding strip aside to use in Step 10.
  • 9. Layer quilt backing (right side down), batting, and quilt top (right side up). Baste or pin layers together. Quilt as desired. (Note: Sample was quilted with stars and swirls in borders and red fabric areas. Triangles were quilted with meander.)
  • 10. Apply binding strip around all edges.