The "Fun" Begins Here Stockings

size: 18"


  • Felt: in three colors, scraps: gray
  • Tulip Fashion Glitter: Neon Assortment Ultra Fine
  • Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Transfer Sheets: Happy Shimmer
  • Ribbon, in two widths: narrow, wide
  • White crochet thread

Basic Supplies

scissors, pencil, newspaper (to cover work surface), paper towels, iron


  • Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond
  • Crewel needle
  • Aleene’s Fabric Fusion


  • 1. Print out patterns. Enlarge or decrease patterns to desired size. Cut out pattern and lay on felt pieces. Cut out two stocking pieces from each color and one ornament from each color. Cut ornament tops from gray felt.
  • 2. Use crewel needle and crochet thread to sew matching stocking felt pieces together with blanket stitch.
  • 3. Cut 1x4” piece of felt from each color.
  • 4. To create stocking holder, fold felt piece in half and glue each end to inside of coordinating stocking. Refer to photo.
  • 5. On covered work surface, position felt ornament pieces on paper towel. Apply Glitter Bond on each piece and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry. Shake off excess onto paper towel when dry.
  • 6. Glue thin ribbons and ornaments onto front of stockings. Let dry.
  • 7. Adults, help kids when using iron. Trace letters on Shimmer Transfer Sheets; cut out. Iron letters onto ornaments following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • 8. Tie wide ribbon into three bows. Glue bows at top of each stocking. Let dry.

by Pattie Wilkinson for iLoveToCreate

Pattern - The "Fun" Begins Here Stockings

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