Cross-Stitch Snowflakes

size: 2-5/8"x2-5/8"


  • DMC 14-count White Aida
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss
  • Heavyweight paper, 3-1/8” circle
  • White adhesive-back felt, two 3-1/4” circles
  • Metallic twisted cording, 1/8”-wide, 14” lengths: gold, red

Stitch Types

Cross-stitch : 3 strands

Basic Supplies

needle, pencil, scissors


  • Quick-drying clear crafter’s glue


  • Note
  • 1. To stitch this snowflake in gold, use 3 strands of E3821 Lt. Gold DMC metallic embroidery floss.
  • Snowflake
  • 1. Cross-stitch snowflake design on fabric. Using paper circle template, trace circle around snowflakes, centered on design. Cut out ornament shape.
  • 2. Remove backing from adhesive-back felt and adhere onto back of ornament.
  • 3. Starting at bottom of ornament, apply glue along outside edges and press coordinating-color cording along edge. Form loop at top for hanger. Trim excess cording. Let dry.
  • 4. With matching-color floss, make several stitches to connect hanger loop to ornament. Secure thread on back and trim excess thread.

by Alice Okon for DMC Corp.

Pattern - Cross-stitch Snowflakes


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