Shining Stars Necklace

size: varies


  • EK Success Sticko Primary Stars
  • Silver chain, 24” length
  • Silver jump rings, 7mm
  • Red aluminum jump rings, 12mm


  • Jewelry pliers
  • Large-head embroidery needle


  • 1. To form charm, press same-size stickers together, carefully aligning edges. Create stars in varying sizes.
  • 2. Use large-eye embroidery needle to make hole on star point. Use jewelry pliers to twist jump ring open. Attach jump ring through hole; use jewelry pliers to squeeze jump ring closed.
  • 3. Continue process creating four red star charms and three blue star charms.
  • 4. Use jewelry pliers to attach charms onto silver chain length, leaving four lengths between each charm.
  • 5. Use jewelry pliers to open red jump rings and attach onto third and fourth lengths on chain. Close jump rings, attaching each pair of red jump rings together, creating clusters.

by Linda Valentino

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