Recycled Paper Link Headband

size: varies


  • Recycled magazine pages or flyers
  • Rubber band

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler


  • Stapler and staples


  • 1. Cut recycled paper into 1/2”x4-1/2” strips.
  • 2. Fold strip in half, so ends are touching. Mark center on fold. Open strip back up and fold each end into mark. Refold strip so ends (arms) are tuck into center of fold.
  • 3. Repeat process to fold 20 strips of paper (or size needed for headband).
  • 4. Connect link on strips by inserting two folded arms of one link through center of folded arms of another link. Continue connecting links until desired length is achieved.
  • 5. Cut rubber band. Use stapler to staple each end of rubber band onto ends of connected paper link chain.

by Jennifer Burrows

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