Cross-Stitch Baby's Birth & Sampler Hangings

size: 4-1/2" squares; stitch count: ABC sampler, 53 w x 53 h; baby name, 57 w x 56 h


  • DMC Charles Craft 28-count White Monaco
  • Mounting board, two 4-1/2” squares
  • White backing board, two 4” squares
  • Quilter’s batting, two 5” squares
  • White ribbon, four 12” lengths

Stitch Types

Backstitch: : 1 strand
Cross-stitch: : 2 strands
French knot: : 1 strand (wrapped two times)

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler


  • Clear crafter’s glue


  • 1. Stitch design centered on fabric. Use dotted line as a guide for placement of personalization. Iron and press stitch designs.
  • 2. Glue batting squares onto one side of each mounting board square. Let dry.
  • 3. Center each design over batting on square. Position stitched piece right side down on clean work surface. Turn fabric under 1/8” and glue edges on back of mounting board.
  • 4. Glue ribbon ends on top of each backing board.
  • 5. Center and glue mounted stitched piece onto back of backing boards. Let dry.
  • 6. Trim ribbon ends into bow hanger.

by Alice Okon for DMC Corp.

Pattern - Cross-stitch Baby's Birth & Sampler Hangings


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