Black Diamonds Bracelet

size: 7-5/8"


  • Feeling Inspired Diamante-Set Doughnut Spacer, 34mm
  • Imitation rhinestone black/silver ribbon braid, 9-1/2” length
  • Gold rolo chain, 5mm, 15” length
  • Silver Creek Leather Realeather Metallic Silver Round Leather Lace, 2mm
  • Gold findings: jump rings, 6mm; two; heart magnetic clasp

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler


  • Jewelry pliers: chain-nose, flat-nose
  • Wire cutters
  • Quick-drying adhesive


  • 1. Cut two 6-1/4” lengths from chain, noting if segments contain even or odd numbers of links. Set remaining links aside to finish bracelet.
  • 2. Cut 72” lace length; fold in half. Thread lace on first link of each chain, centering on cord. See Photo 1. (see photos)
  • 3. Thread righthand cord through third link on both right and left chains. See Photo 2. Thread lefthand cord through third link of lefthand chain and across to third link of righthand chain, so each cord has passed through both third links. See Photo 3. Insert ribbon braid, sandwiching between cord and leaving at least 1" end. (Note: The work will appear messy now but will improve as weaving progresses.) (see photos)
  • 4. Pass righthand cord through fifth link on righthand chain, under braid, and through fifth link of lefthand chain. See Photo 4. Pass lefthand cord through fifth link of lefthand chain, positioning on top of first cord. Pass over braid and through fifth link on righthand chain. See Photo 5. Adjust cords so chain and braid sit nicely between. (see photos)
  • 5. Continue weaving to make seven complete loops. On eighth loop, insert righthand cord into righthand loop of diamante spacer from outside, then through chain link. See Photo 6. Continue weaving cord as before. Repeat on lefthand side with lefthand cord, passing cord under braid. See Photo 7 and Photo 8. (see photos)
  • 6. Continue weaving until bracelet is same length on boths sides of diamante spacer.
  • 7. Adjust cords along length of bracelet until satisfied with appearance.
  • 8. (Note: To finish bracelet, there must be five chain links at beginning of bracelet and either three or five links at end. If chain lengths in Step 1 had odd number of links, you will need five links. If they had an even number of links, you will need three links. To open and close rolo chain links, grip links with length of flat-nose pliers to prevent them from sliding.) Attach first link of five-link chain to first chain link at beginning of bracelet. See Photo 9. Open last link of same chain; connect to first link on other side of bracelet. Repeat on other end of bracelet with either three- or five-link segment. (see photos)
  • 9. Insert two cord ends through next hole in chain to back of bracelet; tie into separate knots, close to last link on each side of bracelet. Place dab of adhesive on knot to secure; trim excess cord. Apply adhesive to cut ends of braid and fold over last full loop. See Photo 10. Feed end between loops on back to secure. Trim excess. See Photo 11. Repeat on other end. (see photos)
  • 10. Open jump rings. Hook one through center link at each end of bracelet. Slide one-half of clasp on each end; close jump rings. See Photo 12. (see photos)

by Myléne Hillam

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