Chicks & Eggs Tic Tac Toe

size: 6"x6"


  • AMACO Cloud Clay Assortments, one pack each: Orange/Yellow/White/Purple; Red/Green/White/Blue

Basic Supplies

scissors, ruler, toothpick


  • AMACO PolyRoller Acrylic Roller
  • Square cookie cutter, 2”
  • Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet (for work surface)


  • 1. Condition clay by rolling in hands until soft. For board, mix small Green ball with large White ball, creating mint green color. Roll mint green clay on work surface; measure and cut four 2”x2” squares. Roll Green clay on work surface; measure and cut five 2”x2” squares. Arrange squares on work surface, creating 3x3 board. Let dry.
  • 2. For eggs, mix Red clay with White clay, creating pink color. Mix Blue clay with White clay, creating light blue color. Mix Purple clay with White clay, creating light purple color. Roll five 1” balls from pink, light blue, and light purple clays. Form balls into eggs.
  • 3. For chicks, roll five 1” Yellow balls (bodies) and five 1/2” Yellow balls (heads). Press heads on bodies. For beaks, roll tiny Orange balls; form into beak shapes and press on heads. For wings, roll 10 tiny Yellow clay balls. Pull balls into wing shapes; press wings on bodies. Use toothpick to add eyes on chicks.
  • 4. Let board, eggs, and chicks dry.

by Michelle Zimmerman for AMACO

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