Christmas Cookie Recipe Box

size: fits 4”x6” cards


  • Raw Goods Recipe Box Kit
  • Precious Metals Collection Silver Lining patterned: Luster; Radiant; Peppy
  • Precious Metals Collection Silver Lining Rub-ons: ChiChi Alphabet; Post Alphabet; Swirl
  • Precious Metals Collection Silver Lining Hardware Kit (ribbon charm)
  • Lime Rickety Double Churned Scrapboard Alphabets
  • Green silk ribbon, 1/2 yd.
  • Stickles Christmas Red glitter glue


  • ColorBox Chestnut Roan Fluid Chalk Inkpad
  • Synthetic sponge
  • Marvy Mega Scalloped Circle craft punch
  • Paper trimmer with scallop blade or decorative-edge scissors
  • Embellishing glue


  • 1. Follow manufacturer’s directions to assemble box, if necessary.
  • 2. Measure and cut Radiant paper pieces to fit sides of box. For lid, cut Peppy piece for top and four Luster pieces for sides. Adhere paper to box and lid; sand excess. Use sponge to ink edges.
  • 3. Use scallop blade or decorative-edge scissors to cut narrow Luster strips to fit around box base. Use sponge to ink scalloped edges. Adhere strips to box and sand excess; ink edges.
  • 4. Punch large scalloped circle from red side of papers and ink edges. Apply rub-on letters and brackets and adhere to box. Apply swirl rub-on to box, opposite circle.
  • 5. Wrap lid edge with ribbon, inserting ends through charm. Spot glue ribbon to lid using embellishing glue. Apply rub-on letters over ribbon.
  • 6. Sand and ink chipboard letter edges. Back “C” and each “o” with tiny bit of red paper, and then fill in with glitter glue. Adhere chipboard word to box.

by Lisa Johnson

Pattern - Holly Cookies

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