Wedding Cake Centerpiece with Ranunculus Blooms

size: varies


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam: two 2"x12"x36" sheets, one 3" ball
  • Offray White Decorative Paper Ribbon
  • White wrapping paper
  • Artificial Ranunculus flowers, in various styles: purple, lavender, cream, green

Basic Supplies

old box, ruler, scissors, tape, craft knife, pencil


  • Krylon Silver Foil Metallic Spray (1060)
  • Floral shears
  • Wooden skewer, 4" length
  • Low-temp glue gun and sticks


  • 1. Measure and cut one 49" length, one 33" length, and one 17" length of paper ribbon. Position ribbon inside old box.
  • 2. Spray paper ribbon with Silver Foil Spray. Let dry.
  • 3. Measure and mark two 12" squares, two 8" squares, and two 4" squares on plastic-foam sheets.
  • 4. Use craft or plastic knife to cut squares from plastic-foam sheets.
  • 5. Use glue gun to glue same-size squares together, creating cake layers.
  • 6. Wrap each cake layer with white wrapping paper.
  • 7. Use floral shears to trim stems of ranunculus flowers to approximately 2".
  • 8. Wrap 49" silver paper ribbon length around 12" squares. Wrap 33" silver paper ribbon length around 8" squares. Wrap 17" silver paper ribbon length around 4" squares. Use tape to secure ends.
  • 9. Cut 3" plastic-foam ball in half. Insert wooden skewer length into one plastic-foam half. Insert other end of skewer into top of small square. Use glue gun to glue ball half into plastic-foam square.
  • 10. Insert ranunculus flowers into ball half, alternating colors around the sides. Use glue gun to secure.
  • 11. Use glue gun to glue cake layers together, centered on one another.

by Diane D. Flowers for Dow Chemical Co.

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