Epoxy Resin Mandala Pendant

size: 1”


  • EnviroTex Jewelry Clay
  • Silver bezel, 1” diameter
  • Silver daisy wheel spacer, 9mm
  • Preciosa Flatback Crystal Volcano, 4mm
  • Seed beads: pearlescent green, size 7/0, 31; royal blue, size 7/0, 22; orange, size 8/0, 18
  • Silver chain of choice

Basic Supplies

toothpick, soft-bristled dusting brush, vinyl or latex gloves, soft cloth


  • Scraperfect Embellie Gellie Tool
  • Jacquard Super Copper Pearl Ex Powder
  • G-S Supplies Hypo Cement


  • Note
  • 1. For your own safety, make sure to wear gloves at all times when handling jewelry clay as it is a resin product.
  • Pendant
  • 1. Wearing gloves, pinch pea-sized equal parts from A and B containers of jewelry clay. See Photo 1. Mix together until uniform in color and no marbling is present. See Photo 2. (see photos)
  • 2. Form jewelry clay into round ball; position on center of bezel. See Photo 3. Gently flatten ball and work it out to edges evenly, leaving slightly domed in center. See Photo 4. (see photos)
  • 3. Find center of resin clay and place hole of daily wheel spacer over point. Lightly press into contact with clay surface.
  • 4. Pick up pearlescent green bead with tip of Embellie Gellie tool; place at edge of bezel with holes facing sideways. See Photo 5. Use toothpick to help maneuver into position. Press bead in contact with clay surface without allowing clay up around bead. Continue placing green beads around edge of bezel for completed uniform circle. See Photo 6. (see photos)
  • 5. Create ring of royal blue beads inside green circle, making sure beads face in same direction as green circle. Make any adjustments to placement of beads so they are evenly spaced. Create circle of orange beads between royal blue beads and central daisy spacer, adjusting them evenly. See Photo 7. (see photos)
  • 6. Dip brush in Copper powder; dust across beads and clay surface working gently into surface of clay. See Photo 8. Brush away excess powder and clean off surface of beads using soft cloth. (see photos)
  • 7. Adhere rhinestone on center of daisy wheel spacer. Let dry.
  • 8. Allow pendant to cure for 24 hours before threading chain through bail.

by Myléne Hillam

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