Romantic Key Epoxy Pendant

size: varies


  • White epoxy clay
  • Key pendant
  • Swarovski Chaton Mixture: Black Diamond, Crystal Antique Pink
  • Swarovski Elements Hotfix Crystal Flatback Rhinestones, 28 each: Crystal, Rose Crystal
  • Rhodium-plated removable crystal bail
  • Hand-dyed silk ribbon

Basic Supplies

soft paintbrush, tweezers, paper towel, scissors


  • Creative Crystal BeJeweler Pro Electric Rhinestone Setter, Crystal Katana Rhinestone-Crystal Pick Up Tool
  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Patina-colored mica powder


  • 1. Mix up small batch of epoxy clay by rolling equal amounts of part A and part B. Mix clays together and knead until pliable following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • 2. Roll clay into ball; press into center chamber on pendant.
  • 3. Roll small balls for other areas on pendant top and bottom.
  • 4. Press chatons firmly into clay using Crystal Katana.
  • 5. While clay is still wet, brush mica powder over pendant. Let clay fully cure following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • 6. After clay is cured, brush off any excess mica powder using paper towel.
  • 7. Set all flatback rhinestones onto silk ribbon, spacing out evenly, using BeJeweler Pro Setter.
  • 8. Open bottom of bail loop; insert top hole on key and close bail loop. Slide silk ribbon through bail and tie ends together.

by Kristal Wick for

Print Project